lost internet connection

  rash wilson 07:47 24 Sep 2003

I am not networked but share an internet connection (ntl-cable) with my son. All has worked well for a long time with only a few minor problems.
Recently, for no apparent reason, I lose the ability to connect via IE6(or opera or mozilla)or various update facilities but Kazaa remains able to connect and my son`s computer is unaffected.
After a lot mucking around with settings my son manages to get me up and running but he is either unable or unwilling to tell me what he`s done (teenager).
Can anybody tell me what`s happening and, more importantly,how I can correct it?

Your`s in anticipation.

  Lozzy 07:55 24 Sep 2003

Simplest way since your sons PC is ok is turn off the cable modem, remove the power cord from the cable modem wait 30 secs to one min.. the re connect making sure the PC's are off as well.

Often by re setting the cable modem all returns to normal. If not the check the Internet settings on you PC as if you have downloaded the patch recently of IE6 sp1 from Windows update that can mess up your settings.. Unlikely but poss..

  Andsome 08:07 24 Sep 2003

For heavens sake why are you allowing Kazaa anywhere near to any computers in your house? Try a search on this site and see the comments.

  Lozzy 08:29 24 Sep 2003
  rash wilson 17:04 24 Sep 2003

Accepting all the comments about Kazaa, I only mentioned it to illustrate the fact that I still had an internet connection but couldn`t connect by browser and so far (apart from disconnecting the modem (done - to no avail))nobody has addressed this main issue.

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