Lost Intel Pro Icon

  Miss Happy 21:59 24 Jul 2006

Some how after miserably failing to set up a 3com USB adapter on my 'old'PC, I have managed to loose the Intel Pro icon in the lower right of my laptop. The Intel Pro was connected wirelessly to the 3Com Office Connect router before I tried to connect the USB 54mbps 11g adapter to the old PC.

I seem to have lost the wirelss connection to the router from the laptop aswell!

It's doin' my head in - where has it gone! I did not think any changes could be made without config via tyhe wizard, then ONLY if it was hardwired to the router.

If anyone has any idea what I have c***ed up, please could you help?

Thank you.

  Miss Happy 22:25 24 Jul 2006

Thank you anyone who has read the above. I have eventually found the AWOL Icon and also my wireless connection that uses the Intel PROSet/wireless icon to notify me when I am connected.
Start>Search>wireless gave list, huge list but one was the lost Icon now returned to it's previous home.

It's been a long hot day :)

  ade.h 22:27 24 Jul 2006

Hello Miss H.

You don't need the ProSet software to run your Intel adapter - in fact, it has a bit of a rep for being resource hungry and a bit crash happy.

Uninstall it from Start > All Progs > Prog Access & Defaults > Change or Remove Progs, then XP can manage your wireless adapter and the connection. It's happier that way.

If in doubt about the status of your adapter - installed correctly or otherwise - right-click My Comp, select Properties > Hardware > Device Manager and check its status. Expand the netwwork adapters section.

  ade.h 22:27 24 Jul 2006

You posted while I was typing.

  ed-0 22:29 24 Jul 2006

How are things going. it looks as if you are now trying the usb dongle in the large computer?

Any luck?

  Miss Happy 12:53 25 Jul 2006

Hi ade.h and ed-0, I set router back to factory this morning because I corrupted the wireless settings somehow yesterday and lost ability to connect. Everything on laptop works brilliantly now after re doing settings in 3Com wizard under admin.

The USB dongle on PC is another matter. Yesterday I had to restore system (to April sometime!), because after uninstalling usb software, then reinstall, the software would not stay on screen more than a split second. I did rebooting and all that but nothing helped!

I have no idea what or when things should be plugged in but it seemed to mess my laptop wizard settings up somewhere along the line whilst setting up USB on PC (hence the reset to factory of the wizard/router settings today on laptop).

I think it's a good idea to forget about the dongle for now as at least I have laptop working fine wirelessly!

I could not have done any of this without the forum help, thanks to you all!

  ed-0 18:02 25 Jul 2006

Did you run the software before you plugged the dongle in? Sometimes it's better not to.

You could try this, if you wanted to.

Go to control panel > network connections. Right click the local area connection and disable it. Remove the lan cable from the computer. Start the computer and put the software cd in the cdrom. Stop the installation of the software. Plug in the dongle and let windows look for the driver. Point windows to the installation cd software in the cdrom. It will probably say that the software has not been tested, pick the continue anyway tab. It should load the drivers. You should then get a message in you sys tray that the usb device is now working.

Right click the WiFi monitor in the sys tray and scan for networks. Pick yours and enter your code. It should now be wireless.

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