Lost input to PC

  Cluelessone 14:03 02 Jan 2008

As a suggested fix to another problem I was advised to delete all USB ports to refresh them. After 2 ports I lost my cordless mouse and keyboard, so rebooted. I got the following messages:

"Found USB controller (x2)Found PS/2 USB mouse"

"Found new hardware wizard-Windows will search for updated software by looking on your computer, on a CD or on windows update website....Can I connect to windows update to search for new software?....

.Yes this time only
.Yes and every time I connect a device

Click next to continue...."

And of course I cant click on anything because my keyboard and mouse arn't working.

I tried a corded mouse which is powered but doesn't work. All sockets on my Dell are USB

How on earth do I get control back?!

  howard64 14:08 02 Jan 2008

if you hit delete as the pc boots you can get into the bios and check that usb support has not been shut off. I know you cannot use the usb devices in windows but a pc without ps2 mouse and keyboard connectors does liven up the usb ports from switch on, it is only windows, that has it turned off. Do you have a startup disk? If you start with a floppy assuming your pc has one you can use system restore to go back to before the problem. If all else fails do you have an xp sp2 disk as issued by pc advisor? and others. If so run the sp2 setup and on rebooting you should find the usb devices live again.

  Cluelessone 14:26 02 Jan 2008

Howard, thanks for replying:

Cant hit delete as keyboard doesn't work.
No startup disk provided by Dell.
No floppy drive.
No xp sp2 disk. If I had one would I be able to make any inputs anyway without a keyboard (cordless). Would buying a wired keyboard help?

  RobCharles1981 14:31 02 Jan 2008

Could there be a hiden partition on your dell computer perhaps?

  Cluelessone 14:34 02 Jan 2008

No idea Rob, how would I access it. Would a wireless keyboard be able to do that in the start sequence?

  RobCharles1981 14:42 02 Jan 2008

hmm maybe u could also try locating a ps2 port keyboard if you have one lying around??

  silverous 14:42 02 Jan 2008

Not sure how you deleted the USB ports, but what has been suggested re: the BIOS should be fine as the keyboard working in BIOS has nothing to do with removing drivers from Windows - the two are distinct. If they keyboard/mouse worked in BIOS before then it would after.

Can you get into the XP startup menu to choose SAfe Mode etc?

This might help:

click here

  RobCharles1981 14:42 02 Jan 2008

And forgot to say it might be somthing like F10 that gets the hiden partion going perhaps others might know better.

  silverous 14:43 02 Jan 2008

That should've been:

click here

  silverous 14:44 02 Jan 2008

(and of course ignore the shutdown bit as I'm assuming you're already shut down).

A USB keyboard should generally work in the BIOS.

  Cluelessone 14:47 02 Jan 2008


This Dell is USB only no ps2 port. But I understand a USB keyboard will work in BIOS. My only keyboard at the moment is Wireless, so I'll have to get a wired USB keyboard?

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