Lost images

  jack 08:54 27 Oct 2005

On an outing with my digi camera group capturing autumn colour yesterday- I was startled by a sedate lady member cursing roundly. Have taken some tasty shots her camera now reported -'No images'She said this is not the first time this had happened.
I was able to give her a spare smart media card I had to allow her to continue.
Taking her card home, I thought to put it through 'PC Inspector' - thinking, if she had inadvertantly reformatted the card , it will pull them back.
But no- PCInspector reported no images, as did 'Photo Rescue' I tested the card im my camera, and it works fine.
Would this suggest a camera fault
or sare other possible reasons?

  Diemmess 09:04 27 Oct 2005

On the basis of probabilities I would think the fault is with the camera. Disappointing, but if you can use the card.....

After all the card is "solid state" and either has data or it doesn't. Nothing to rotate, nothing to 'oil'or polish.

  Confab 09:29 27 Oct 2005

Try this click here it has worked for me many times. It's a free download an it will let you know if any data can be recovered from the card.


  jack 09:33 27 Oct 2005

Finding out more about the camera it is a Polaroid brand' and appears to have a 'built in memory block in addition to the card - and yes she said the internal memory fills then auto switches to card- so Diemess - the possibility is there the internal switching is at fault - but her internal images should be around- I'll tell to get a 'proper' camera
I think

  jack 09:44 27 Oct 2005

Thanx Confab for reminding me- I have BadCopy- full version - but in my comparmentalized mind/system- treated it as CD recovery program -I have now put an Icon into the Image recover folder too -It failed on this occasion- so we are I supect back to dodgy camera theory.

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