Lost icon for 'net connection in notification area

  montyburns 18:22 02 Feb 2004

I've lost my icon!!

Let me explain how I "lost" it, if you'll bear with me!!

Following all the "mydoom" panic, I updated my AV protection and, although I didn't find "mydoom", I find "startpage.cr" (a trojan) in my system restore directory. Now I'd just installed a bluetooth dongle (for about the 10th time) Yet again this didn't work, so decided that enough's enough and will now get a data cable for my phone. The software messed up my Internet connection and other things too. Tried to do a "roll back" but, because of the trojan, it wouldn't do it. The only way to get rid of the trojan was to disable system restore (and lose all my restore points) and run the AV software again.

After I'd done this I noticed that I'd lost the icon for the 'net connection. Also noticed that my connection is not appearing in Network Connections either.... It seems I have no way to log off the 'net other than logging off the PC...

I use Freeserve btw and am on XP. I have tried going into the Taskbar Properties and choosing "Always Show" but it ain't showing and also gone into the properties for the dial up (accessed from an existing shortcut) and choosing "show in notification area!

Any help appreciated

It's maddening!!

  montyburns 00:14 03 Feb 2004

Bringing this back to the top!

Any ideas... PLEASE help! Driving me nuts!!


  smegs 00:20 03 Feb 2004

"accessed from an existing shortcut" send this shortcut to desktop.

  montyburns 07:53 03 Feb 2004

It's already on my desktop!!!



  smegs 09:07 03 Feb 2004

Can U not re-set up Ur CONNECTION? R U saying, U have lost the two screens near Ur clock??

  montyburns 17:03 03 Feb 2004

Yes, that's what's missing, and there's no way to log off other than changing user now....


  tafoody 17:09 03 Feb 2004
  montyburns 22:19 03 Feb 2004

Thanks for that - thought it might solve it but sadly not, as the Freeserve icon is not appearing in "Network Connections"

This is well weird! I can log on OK, but can't see what the data transfer rate is, how long I've been on line, log off the internet etc.

I think it might be a registry setting that a virus might have scuppered, but still no nearer..

  montyburns 17:44 05 Feb 2004

I found this in the Knowledge Base

click here;en-us;825826&Product=winxp

It says it's for if you lose your connection icon in Network Connections. I think this is my prob. With no connection icon I can't alter the properties. It says it's a fix for various versions of WIndows inc XP. Looks a bit complicated though.....

Further down is

click here

which looks easier... Except that this DOESN'T say for XP!

Is it worth trying? This might sound thick, but if I do, then do I include the line

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

in the notepad file?

What should I do?!??!?

  montyburns 17:45 05 Feb 2004

First link was (try again...)

click here;en-us;825826&Product=winxp

  montyburns 17:46 05 Feb 2004

Surprise - it did it again............

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