lost hard drive?

  dfghjkl 19:53 22 Aug 2004

hello all,i have just reinstalled windows xp and i have lost the use of a hard drive.
i have a 40gig and a 30gig.i was using them both before last night.i have the 40 gig with windows on it and the 30gig for games etc.when i had booted from my xp cd i deleted some partitions from the xp one and deleted the partition on the 30gig one but it only formated the first hard drive,the master(xp one)i carried on as i thought i could format in windows as it is only for storage.
now when i boot up i can see both drives on the first screen,also both present in bios,they are both in device manager but the slave is not enabled and i cant change the setting to enable it.if i click on "my computer"it is not present there.how can i get it back?any help please?thank you,peter.

  Night Ryder 20:00 22 Aug 2004

Try this. Right click on My Computer and select manage. Next, click on disk managment. If there is a drive attached to the system that hasn't been prepared properly XP will recognise this and ask how you wish to proceed. If this doesn't happen have a look at your drives in the new window that pops up and check tha all are formatted.

  dfghjkl 22:51 22 Aug 2004

just had a look it is there but is unallocated.i am getting warm.i will have a play.what do i do next?thanks for your help night ryder.peter

  Night Ryder 23:07 22 Aug 2004

Sorry had to go for a while. Repeat the above porcedure. Right click on the unallocated drive and choose partition. Once this process is finished right click again and choose the format option. This should do it. You may have to reboot the system for the changes to tak effect.
Should mention when formating you should choose to format as an NTFS file system to get the best preformance from the drive.

  dfghjkl 23:16 22 Aug 2004

i worked out how to format it.that is a pat on the back for you night ryder.i had been in disk manager before but it was so long ago i had forgotten about it.thanks again.peter

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