lost hard drive

  aboutit 17:43 11 Jun 2004

can anyone help my friend. She has a CDRW which has suddenly vanished from her computer screen which is now only showing Local disc C and floppy. Each time she turns the computer on she gets the message American Megatrends and when she tries to open the CDRW drawer it won`t open and everything freezes.Any ideas welcome. also what is American Megatrendsd?

  bremner 17:48 11 Jun 2004

Megatrends is a BIOS provider.

A message saying about the BIOS is normal so unless it specifically describes a problem I would not think this is connected.

See if the CD Drive is shown in Device manager.

If it is uninstall it. Reboot and let windows reinstall it.

If this doesn't work report back

  stalion 17:49 11 Jun 2004

this is the site for click here but I don't know why she has it on her computer

  aboutit 17:51 11 Jun 2004

She has looked in device manager and it`s not there

  bremner 17:53 11 Jun 2004

I would check the connections inside the machine next. In particular the wide IDE ribbon connection. You will need to check both ends, at the CD and on the motherboard.

  keith-236785 18:03 11 Jun 2004

sounds like the cdrom has died, shutdown the pc, open the computer and pull the IDE cable out from the cdrom, try to restart the computer. it should work ok now except she won't have a cdrom drive in my computer.

if this solves the problem, click here and buy a new OEM cdrom

LG 52x Internal IDE CD-ROM Drive - OEM

£8.55 £10.05 inc VAT from
click here

or a cdrw (retail version then you get some writing software too) as the prices are quite low now

Aopen 52x32x52 Chameleon IDE DRIVE - Retail Box

£17.14 £20.14 inc VAT from the same site

in both cases, dont forget P&P, its about £5 on top of the item price


walk into pcworld and goto the component center.

if you are lucky, and they have some on the shelf..............

Samsung 52x Ivory CD-ROM £ 8.69 (exc VAT)
£ 10.21 (inc VAT)


Samsung 52x Ivory CD-RW £ 17.07 (exc VAT)
£ 20.05 (inc VAT) I don't think you would get any writing software with this one though.

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