Lost haft of my startup

  toba 17:46 01 Nov 2007

I uninstalled localcooling rebooted and only 6 out of 13 icons have appeared.
msconfig only shows half of what should be in there.
System restore would not restore therfore I switched it off rebooted switched restore back on tried it worked ok from the time i restarted it, but of cause it could not restore the startup as there was only half of it on the system.
any idea how I get it all back or do I live with what I got

  mfletch 18:13 01 Nov 2007

Hi, It depends on what is missing? if they are free programs that are missing just uninstall them and download new one;s then they will be put back into your start list.


  Pineman100 19:01 01 Nov 2007

It's a pity you switched off System Restore, because this will have lost you all your restore points.

Next time you need to use SR, if it won't work in normal mode, try running it in Safe Mode. Just be aware that a Safe Mode restore can't be undone afterwards.

Sorry this doesn't help with your current problem.

  Technotiger 19:24 01 Nov 2007

Assuming XP, could you try a XP Repair using your XP CD?

  cocteau48 19:31 01 Nov 2007

Assuming that they have only disappeared from your start menu then you can add them back in using something like winpatrol
click here
Local cooling should carry a health warning - it created 'orrible glitches on my system when I uninstalled it.

  toba 19:32 01 Nov 2007

With regards to SR it was not working any point choosen the responce was no changes made to system unable to restore but as I said after switching off the SR rebooting Switching on SR I tested it about 25min later it said your system is restored so I had lost all my SR before switching it off.

  Pineman100 18:08 02 Nov 2007

Yes, toba, I understand what you're saying.

My point was that, if you hadn't switched off SR, you could still have had some pre-problem restore points saved. You could then have tried restoring to one of them in Safe Mode.

I find that a Safe Mode restore will quite often work when a normal mode one won't.

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