Lost giga bytes on HDD

  Octoz 14:33 28 Feb 2003

Had a bit of a mare. Installed a 40Gb HDD as slave drive on WIn98SE system. Partitioned this drive and installed Win2k pro. Couldn't overcome scanner driver problem so couldn't run win2k. Deleted the partition that win2k was on and returned to single O/S. HDD now showing 32GB, any ideas why please?

  Elrond 15:28 28 Feb 2003

Check the jumpers on the back of the drive, there will be one on either the master or slave and then there might be a second jumper which will be a cylinder limitation jumper, thus limiting your drive to 32 GB

  Elrond 15:29 28 Feb 2003

PS If there is this second limitation jumper take it off and then reconnect the HDD

  Elrond 15:51 28 Feb 2003

Sorry, reading thru the post again it sounds like you had 40GB showing fully b4 installing Win2k. The only other thing I can think of is that deleting the partition hasn't deleted the info on the partition, so even though the partition doesn't appear the space hasn't been freed.

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