lost free space on hard drive, where has it gone.

  happycathy 14:16 07 Feb 2004

I downloaded a free trial program called PC Optimzer, to clean up space on pc. But i run one of its programs called,Secure Dealete Disc Drives
which removed a big chunk of my free space,
about 7GB. please can any one tell me how i could get this back, i have tried to contact PC Optimizer all week with emails and phone, to no luck...

  Indigo 1 14:25 07 Feb 2004

Which OS are you using ?

Have you tried System Restore ?

  happycathy 14:41 07 Feb 2004

Windows 98 se, yes thanks for suggestion , i did try it with no luck.

  arricarry 14:46 07 Feb 2004

Have you tried running scandisc. Sometimes windows reports wrong information regarding disc space. How big is your drive?

  arricarry 14:49 07 Feb 2004

I wonder if the programme backed up your drive info and you have a backupfile somewhere.

  happycathy 14:51 07 Feb 2004

I have two drives that one is 19.4GB, now 16.8 is used, i havent run scan disc will do it now and let you know.

  Indigo 1 15:30 07 Feb 2004

Sorry not much experience with 98se. Hope somebody else can help.

  happycathy 18:51 07 Feb 2004

Story so far..
run scandisc all clear, check all pc optiomizer folders nothing over 5000kb which is the program its self, the read only file says

"Securly Delete the Disk Drives, free disk space, unused folder entries, or complete disk wipe using secure algorithms and specifications."

the thing is this never had a "are you sure" y/n
button.i know its my own fault, but should this space not be somewhere om my pc.

  happycathy 20:49 07 Feb 2004

Good news found the files nine of them, bad news cannot read or open, here are details,
c:\sdel Sdtmpl 1(numbered 1-9)
7 are 1=gb, 1=240mb
if i deleate the space does not increase,
cannot open are hidden and archive only,
can any one help.

  arricarry 20:56 07 Feb 2004

Hello again, a backup may not be in the optimizer folder, could be anywhere although it usually asks you where you want it to go. Have you checked in: find/files and folders/date,or advanced.

  arricarry 21:05 07 Feb 2004

Can you remove the programme, this may give you the option to dump the temporary files. You should be able to delete these files if the programme is deleted first.

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