lost frames in authoring

  geedad 00:28 09 Aug 2010

I constantly get lost frames when trying to edit/author videos.
I am often reminded by sellers of driver updates that I should buy their products to auto update my drivers.
I have been down the road of scanning to find out if I have any old drivers, and sure enough, I have about 11 in all. At the same time, many people suggest that updating drivers is not always a wise thing to do. However,I am tempted to update all of my outdated drivers, and if I get in trouble, do a "Sytem Restore"
The nuisance of trying to author Dvds when the software is playing up, makes me think that anyting is worth a try!
I have plenty of hard disc space, Intel 3GHz Pentium 4 with Hyper-threading, ATI Radeon 9200 with 128 mb DDR SDRam,using Windows XPSp2.
I have a choice of authoring software, Serif Movie Plus, Power Producer, TMpeg Author 1.6., etc but all have the same problems that I have out-lined.
Should I up-date my drivers?

  lotvic 00:51 09 Aug 2010

No, I would suggest you buy more ram as 128 mb DDR SDRam is not enough. This would vastly improve your pc's performance to cope with the tasks you are asking of it.
Go to Crucial's website click here
and have your pc scanned for compatible RAM

  geedad 01:07 09 Aug 2010

I am so sorry, lotvic, but I read the Ram from the front of my PC, without thinking that I had previously increased that to 1GB!
My PC is, however, capable of accepting up to 2GB, so perhaps that is the answer. Pick up this posting again tomorrow when my brain will , I hope, be refreshed!

  eedcam 05:33 09 Aug 2010

Also you may have 1 G/byte of ram but you probably only have about 500 available have alook at task managerwhen the pc is more or less idle

  Les28 08:18 09 Aug 2010

I have a similar spec to your pc, P4 Prescott cpu with hyperthreading, 1 GB RAM and 128 MB video card and use Serif Movie Plus software for video editing, XP SP2.

You didn't mention the exact model of your pc? I'm assuming it has a 7200 rpm hdd, 5400 rpm isn't recommended for vid capture, something like the free Everest will tell you your hard drives rotational speed.

You also didn't mention just how you are capturing your video? Firewire from camcorder?

I would have a look in msconfig at your startup tab to see just what's loaded at startup, that's click Start, then Run, type msconfig and click OK. Have a look to see on the Startup tab, how many items are ticked?

Also in msconfig have a look at the Services tab, put a tick in the box to hide all microsoft services, how many non ms services are shown as Running?

Also have a look in Task Manager press Control, Alt and Delete keys to bring up Task Manager, on the Processes tab how many Processes are shown at the bottom left of that page and what is the cpu % usage?

I'm only guessing here that you may have too many items running at startup that are demanding system resources that cause problems when trying to capture video. Some people when working with video even switch their router and anti-virus products off to give the video editing software maximum use of the pc's resources.

Did you mention how much free hard drive space you have, how large overall the hard drive is and whether you'd defragged the hard drive recently?

  Les28 08:57 09 Aug 2010

Forgot to mention, did you say you'd increased the ram memory on your pc? If so do you know if windows is handling your virtual memory?

Bring up Task Manager and have a look on the Performance Tab, under Physical Memory (K), what are the figures for Total and Available?
Then on same page look at Commit charge (K) what figure does it show for Limit?

The figure for Available will jump around a bit, but just give a rough figure

  geedad 09:28 09 Aug 2010

eedcam. Thank you for your response.
Lazarus The 2nd.
Thank you also for the most comprehensive informatiom that I have ever received!
It does look as if I need to go for a larger capacity drive, since I seem to have most of the other software/hardware requirements.
My drive is partitioned "C", and "D".
C is where I keep most apps, and a lot of grandchildren's games!
D is where I usually save most of my digital files, but since the Sony PC is about 6 years old, and the fans are noisy, maybe a trip to my local PC repair shop would be advisable. I could ask for the HD to be 1TB, replace the noisy fans, and hope that the expense would be justified. I am very happy with the Sony, never giving me any trouble, except a broken DVD R/W drive (caused by over-enthusiatic young fingers)!
But thanks again, a lot to digest but very much appreciated!

  geedad 09:44 09 Aug 2010

Sorry, Les28, our posts were crossing, and I couldn't reply to your post earlier, until I had checked my email again.
Thank you, again, a wealth of information from Forum members,all very much appreciated!
Now I will go and shut myself off to read it all over the next few days (years!).

  Les28 09:57 09 Aug 2010

Noisy fans could be a sign of overheating, or it could be the fans bearings wearing out, overheating may explain the dropped frames when the cpu is under pressure video editing, maybe just a good clean out of the fans will help, probably the heatsink fan over the cpu.

My P4 Prescott is nearly 6 years old now, fingers crossed still going strong. Maybe an external hard drive for capturing video is a thought, I got a 1TB drive a few months back for about £70, just plugs in a usb socket, I haven't tried capturing video to it yet, I still capture to my second hard drive however.

You still need an uncluttered system when video editing though, not too many startup items that aren't really needed to run at startup and plenty of free space, good luck anyway, Les.

  David4637 10:32 09 Aug 2010

You would be better off going for a new hi spec PC rather than a repair, particularly with ALL the mods you require? David

  geedad 19:40 09 Aug 2010

Author returning:
David4637. Point noted,and thank you.
Les28, Here are the answers ti the queries you raised:
I have a Sony Model PVC-RS404 PC,Intel Pentium 4 with Hyper-Threading, Radeon 9200 Graphics, Windows XP Home Sp2.
My hard drive rotates at 7200 rpm. Health status is 61%.
Capture video from many sources: (1).TV (Panasonic DVD recorder then Edit by playback from another DVD Player to the PC.
(2).Either FireWire or Composite cables from my camcorder ( If I want the dates on the finished article, I use the Composite cables. With Fire Wire, dates are not recorded on the DVD). FireWire direct to PC, composite through the VHS/DVD Player)
(3).Camcorder video files, saved to HDD, then edited/authored with Serif MoviePlus, or Tsunami TEmpeg Author 1.6, or Cyberlink PowerDvd.
MSCONFIG: 8 running :
Windows System (ezSP)
Reader (adobe)
mssecs(MS security)
qttask (QuickTime) at boottime
realsched (update_OB)
AWC (iObit) advanced system care
ctfmon Windows system32\ctfmon
SERVICES tab: about 36
Task Manager:
Processes =54, CPU usage= 1%
I have never disabled internet or anti-virus software.
HDD Free space:
Partitioned "C" 60GB, used 71% (42.4GB)
"D" 90GB, used 23% (20.9GB)
Defrag regularly, YES!
Virtual Memory details:
Commit charge:
Well, what do you think?

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