Lost files

  janeme 11:41 09 Feb 2008

Hi, i hope someone can offer me some help please,a friend kindly looked at my pc as it would not start up,(i kept getting a blue screen with unmoutable boot volume) now he has bought it back saying all of my data has gone ? now i dont understand where it could have gone (i have important work & holiday photos which were never backed up, now he said something about someone has prepared the disk for a format?, saying something about raw or something i did not understand as no one has done anything,he said i might be able to get my files back if i paid hundreds of pounds but i dont have that,now is there a program that can be bought that will recover my lost files as im desperate to get them back,my computer had windows xp on i had a firewall & kaspersky internet security also spyware doctor.i do hope someone can help thank you..Jane..

  VoG II 12:01 09 Feb 2008

If Windows will start (that is not clear) try click here

Run it from a different drive e.g. a floppy or a USB flash drive.

  Clapton is God 12:11 09 Feb 2008

Two questions spring to mind:

Did you not have any backups of all your "important work & holiday photos"?

Is this "friend" still a friend??

If you are able to recover your files using VoG™'s suggestion I suggest that the first thing you should do is to backup ALL your files.

  janeme 12:58 09 Feb 2008

Hi thank you for replying so quick,
No windows wont start,it just keeps going to a menu with different thing like safe mode last good configiration normaly mode,debugging (i think thats the one)& ive tried clicking all of these & so has my friend but it just comes up with a blue screen saying at the top unmoutable boot volume,lots of other things about new hardware etc then restarts,now my friend said he took the hard drive out & connected it with another pc but he said he could not see any files as it came up with this drive is not formated do you want to format it ? (over my head)now he had my recovery disk which came with the pc but he says he did not use it,now i say this as ive spoke to a pc tec man from my local store & explained what my friend had told me & he says it is possible that the restore disk was used to prepare the disk for formating (i think he said that means wipeing the files?) & then taken out before it was completed & that is why it wants to format it ? now he wont do anything else or give me any more info unless i take the machine to the shop & he will have to charge me £35 just to look at it.which i think is rather expensive & then it would be a hourly rate after that of £15 an hour,so i realy dont know what to do now. i hope ive given enough info. Jane

  Technotiger 13:14 09 Feb 2008
  janeme 14:52 09 Feb 2008

Thank you, but that has not worked when my friend tried doing the thing with the ,R, thing in windows setup it just rebooted,he also tried installing windows with the cd,but it came back with this drive is either damaged has an unknown file system & needs to be formated,& i am led to believe once that is done i have no chance of getting any files back,is there a program that can be bought from the internet that will do this for me?,thank you.. Jane

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:15 09 Feb 2008

is there a program that can be bought from the internet that will do this for me?,thank you

Drive rescue from the link provided by VoG
click here
Testdisc click here

  janeme 21:43 15 Feb 2008

Hi, would just like to say a big thank you for all your help,nearly all my files are now safely recovered & backed up,the program which i bought was called, Prosoft Media Tools,my friend used it & done everything that needed to be done but it was very costly indeed but was well worth it.
I have learned a lot from this & maybe people will read this & do the same, Back your files up before you loose them & do it daily as i learned the hard way. ,but thank you all again.

  Technotiger 22:39 15 Feb 2008

Grreat, I love a happy ending - thanks for the feedback.

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