Lost files

  Rosalie86 09:47 24 Apr 2007

I've lost some files which were stored in 'My Documents' Mainly pictures, but I've also noticed some other type of files.... I just noticed one day they weren't there!!!

I read an article that 'Burpie' wrote regarding Boot in safe mode, Locate Userdata folder and run through other commands.. Does anyone know of this procedure I'm waffling about and do you think It would work???

No pressure!!! There's picture's of my son as a baby... Dohhhhh!

  Technotiger 09:51 24 Apr 2007

Hi, normally pictures are saved in My Pictures, a separate folder to My Documents. If you know the name of any of the pictures, go to Start>Search and see if you can find them that way - or in Search just put *jpg or in Search simply put, images. At least one of these should give you some indication of where your pictures have gone.

  Rosalie86 10:35 24 Apr 2007

Thanks for getting back!!!

The pictures were saved in 'My Pictures' in separate folders!!! There was also some mp3 stuff!!!

I've search the folder names with no joy, I searched '.JPG' a load of images did come up but not the ones I needed... Would it make ma difference typing '*jpg'???

Do you know of the procedure of 'Safe mode, userfolder, Properties, Security, Admin, Advanced, Owner tab, Replace owner on subcontainers and objects...

  wee eddie 10:54 24 Apr 2007

Is that I accidentally move one folder into another. Something to do with trying to drink coffee and keep the cat off the keyboard. Well that's my excuse anyway.

I am surprised that Search has not shown them up try *.jpg but jpg should pick them up as you say. If I remember rightly, when you get to the end of the search, you get the option of trying "Hidden" Folders. Could be worth a try.

Searching in Safe Mode will make no difference.

  CLONNEN 11:17 24 Apr 2007

Are you sure no-one has deleted them?

Have you tried looking inside the Recycle Bin?

You could try running PC Inspector File Recovery

  Technotiger 13:18 24 Apr 2007

If you are using Win XP, try a System Restore back a couple of weeks.

  wee eddie 14:32 24 Apr 2007

System Restore will not help. It has no effect on your Files at all.

  Woolwell 15:12 24 Apr 2007

You could try Search - Pictures, Music or Video - then Pictures and Photos then enter *.*. This could result in finding a lot of images but could well have the ones you want in amongst them.

  Terry Brown 15:25 24 Apr 2007

if you have MS office on you system, open word, goto insert and select clip art, look at the bottom right corner (office2003), and select organize clips. This will search your computer and show you all the clips and pictures you have,if they are not there, then you do not have them on your system.

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