Lost file sharing on part of a home network

  crazydiamond 19:01 12 Feb 2005

I Have 3 PC's all running XP Home connected via a router on 1Mb broadband.
They are named Home1, Home2, Home3 & are all in the same workgroup.
The file & printer sharing has worked fine for months, but suddenly, whilst Home 2 can be 'seen' in Explorer under My Network etc, when clicked on it cannot be accessed by Home1 & 3, whereas Home2 can still see both other PC's.
Home1 & 3 both get the message ' Login failure: the user has not been granted the requested login type at this computer'.
Guest accounts are enabled, windows firewall is off on all PC's, net send still works, have checked computer names under My Computer, shared folders on C on Home2, network stuff under Local Services - all seem to be OK.
Only difference I can see with Home2 at the moment is that the hard disk is just about full (other 2 have plenty of space) & it has recently had a couple of viruses - now cured (I hope! - sorry, can't remember the type of virus).
Grateful for any help.
Thanks & regards.

  spikeychris 19:18 12 Feb 2005

From Control Panel open Administrative Tools then Local Security Policy.
Expand Local Policies and click on User Rights Assignments.
In the right hand part of the screen (the "Contents Pane"), look at the following entries:

1. Access this computer from the network
Make sure that "Everyone" is in the list for both Local and Effective settings.

2. Deny logon locally
This should be clear.

3. Log on locally
This should contain "computername"\Guest, Users, Power Users, Backup Operators, Administrators.

Do you have the above?

  FelixTCat 19:43 12 Feb 2005

Can you "ping" Home 2 from the other computers?

  crazydiamond 19:53 12 Feb 2005

XP 'Home' doesn't seem to have 'local security policy' which seems only to be a 'Pro' thing.

I get confused with pinging as I seem to have dynamic as opposed to static settings therefore I don't know what to ping.


  crazydiamond 20:49 12 Feb 2005

Resolved the pinging and yes, it pings OK.
Amongst other stuff: sent 4, received 4, lost 0.

  spikeychris 21:38 12 Feb 2005

XP Home. The bain of my life. I have to log off but will check in tomorrow.

  FelixTCat 13:53 13 Feb 2005

If full disk is the problem, try clearing out some of the unnecessary stuff. Empty your recyle bin.

Three things to look at are the Temp directory, Temporary Internet Files and System Restore.

The Temp file is easy - delete its contents.

You have broadband so you don't need a large Temporary Internet Files folder. Reduce is size to, say, 5 MByte

System Restore is set up by default as a percentage of the disk size. However, the need for System Restore doesn't go up in proportion to disk size. Reduce it to a more sensible amount (a few hundred magabytes)

You'll probably find that you have recovered quite a lot of disk space.

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