lost email password!

  ykzn 14:58 27 Aug 2006

hi everyone!

now, i m gonna tell you first that i m not TRYING to STEAL anyone's email acount.help me only if u want, ther is no need for you to offend me with any doubts spoken out aloud.

Ok, here is the problem: one of my friends told me that she has recenlty signed up for a "gmail.com" account. she also told me that she just took it lightly for the security question and answer.

now she told me(i don't know if it is real or not)that she cannot sign in using her password or by answering question and answer.

So, can anyone tell how she can get into her account again???

any suggestion is welcome considering that all of you understand clearly that options have been tried.

  FelixTCat 15:08 27 Aug 2006


Tell her to follow the instructions on the log-in page. Click on "I cannot access my account" and enter her username. Instructions will be sent to her other email address.



  ykzn 15:18 27 Aug 2006

dear flix thanks for the suggestion.

i told her and she tried immediately.

but she can't get into her account.

her mail account is gmail she said.

and ther is this link "I cannot acess my account" she said.

but after following the instructions she still couldn't get into her acount she said.

so, i don't get it, what is worng with it??

so, if there is any other options, all suggestions are welcome, thanks.

  vinnyT 13:29 28 Aug 2006

For assistance with a lost User ID or Password,
complete the following form and click 'Help'.

Our Technical Support will contact you within (1) business day. Has she tried filling in this form? click here

I don't know if the above link is google or not, so you/she will have to decide if you're comfortable inputting your details.

  Fingees 13:42 28 Aug 2006

Google mail cant be her only account, as she must have used a previous mail provider to receive the settings ie password etc to set up the gmail account.

This is where details will be sent if she tells google that she can't access account.

  ykzn 15:08 01 Sep 2006

Hi all!

Soryy for my late reply 'coz I was busy and practically it's not my own matter.

Now, she told me that she tried what vinnyT said.

And she also told me that there is no improvement so far.

To answer Fingees, no. She told me(I don't know if it's true or not) that she has this email account for the first time.

So, is there any other options? I mean is there any gmail password recovery services? Is there any online email password amateur hackers that would recover her password?

I would tell all of you her gmail if you think you cna help her. Thanks!

  SANTOS7 15:37 01 Sep 2006

she has this email account for the first time.

Not sure how thats possible as you have to enter an alternative email address for the activation code, the only other way to get the code is by mobile phone..

  vinnyT 15:48 01 Sep 2006

Hi, sorry my link was no use.

I think the prob with 'Is there any online email password amateur hackers that would recover her password?' is that you/she would not be hacking into a file on her pc, but into googles online files/system which could get whoever tried it into big trouble.

There must be a way to solve this (just I'm to thick to know how) as this situation must happen to many.

Hope you get this solved, if you do (and it's legal) please post back with how.

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