lost email address

  conrail 21:47 28 Jun 2009

want to send some photos using windows mail in vista, unfortunately I appear to have lost one of my email address in my address book, is there any way I can find this email address, person has recently moved so don't have new address or telephone number yet but he said he was keeping his email address, I know his name but not the bit after the '@' so I just want the ISP bit, ie [email protected] isp?>
all help greatfully accepted

  Technotiger 21:54 28 Jun 2009

Have you tried a Search for the name, might bring up the email address.

  conrail 22:08 28 Jun 2009

thanks Technotiger, have just tried that, his email name is aligned to the football team he supports and the search led me to a forum for his team, unfortunately, unlike this forum there is no way of contacting him without posting a message so I have joined and posted, now to wait until he goes online and replies

  Technotiger 22:20 28 Jun 2009

OK - Good luck.

  conrail 09:07 29 Jun 2009

I appreciate your time and help Technotiger, many thanks

  rawprawn 09:20 29 Jun 2009

The only way I can think of is to send [email protected]
one at a time to different ISP addresses for example
[email protected] .com and if it is returned as undeliverable, try Sky then talk talk etc.
It really depends how badly you want to get hold of him.
On the downside his email address may not be his name, mine isn't!

  conrail 09:48 29 Jun 2009

thanks rawprawn, his email isn't his name, I know the first part itis just the ips I don't know

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