Lost email

  Astrid 09:14 16 Jul 2009

I run Windows XP SP3. This morning I accessed my email in Thunderbird, deleted one item, and as soon as I did so the whole of my mail disappeared leaving a blank folder. I know there's a way of recovering this, but Pareto Data Recovery hasn't been any help so far. I googled for advice but it all seems very complicated. Is there a 'laywoman's' way? I'm prepared to spend a little time on it as long as I know what I'm doing.

  Technotiger 09:57 16 Jul 2009

Try a System Restore back just a day or so.

  ashleycardwell94 11:37 16 Jul 2009

do you have a deleted folder for your email?

Do you download the email to your computer?

  Astrid 11:58 16 Jul 2009

I have a deleted folder but only the message I happened to be deleting is in there. There were around 30 other messages that I hadn't yet opened - they all disappeared at the same time but are now literally nowhere. I've tried going into Application Date and then Profiles but when I try to access it's all in code, like small square boxes. I think I'm just going to have accept that it's gone awol.

  I am Spartacus 12:15 16 Jul 2009

Can you access your email through webmail? If you haven't set them to be deleted on receipt from the server they may still be accessible.

  Technotiger 13:58 16 Jul 2009

Did you try System Restore? back to before doing any deletions - I know it is only a long-shot, but you have nothing to lose by trying - sorry about the pun!

  Astrid 14:06 16 Jul 2009

I tried system restore, no joy. I also tried Webmail - also no joy.

I've been able to request duplicates from people who may have messaged.

I also found Advanced Thunderbird Email Recovery, but though I scrolled through many back folders I couldn't find here either, though it seems a useful piece of software for many other situations.

Thank you for all the help, but I think I've come to the end of the line - probably.

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