Lost Drives

  Davella 15:11 15 Mar 2004

Hi Lads & Lasses
Specs for puter are: AMDK6/500 256mem Win98se. On board sound/graphics (32meg) I have the following drives A,C,D and E. I have lost the D and E drives? I've had no probs with them till now. When I booted up I got: Sec master drive-atapi incompatable Press F1 to resume. This has come out of the blue, so some head scratching needed. D drive is Teac 24X cd. E is CDW/DVD combo.

  Diodorus Siculus 15:14 15 Mar 2004

Go into device manager and see if they are listed there; if so, uninstall one, reboot and it should be reinstalled at restart. If that works, do the same for the next.

Also, at startup, see if they are recognised by the BIOS.

  Davella 09:49 16 Mar 2004

Thanks D.S for the advise. They were recognised in the BIOS but not in devise manager!!! So I reinstalled Win98se and that seems to have done the trick. Another of lifes little mysteries?

  Diodorus Siculus 10:00 16 Mar 2004

Reinstalling win98SE was a little drastic, but it worked... good to hear and thanks for the feedback.

  Stuartli 10:22 16 Mar 2004

The most likely cause was loose or infirm cable, lead or power connections.

An indication of this would have been if the drives had been listed in Device Manager whilst in Safe Mode.

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