Lost Drivers

  User-F19B448A-819C-4883-991C282DFCFBDA20 18:35 26 Aug 2007

My girlfriend has a Mesh computer which is only about 9 months old, but i had to reinstall XP as she had downloaded a virus which completely stopped the computer from working. After the reinstall it has lost the speaker drivers and when scrolling on the screen the picture refreshs slowly down the page in waves?
3 questions about this:-
1) Has anyone seen this problem before?

2)Can the virus still be on there after a reinstall (i presume not)

3) where is the best place to get new drivers (MESH website ?)

Can anyone help? thanks in advance

  C3 18:38 26 Aug 2007

Sounds like you need to find the Sound Drivers and the video drivers. this is probably causing the loss of sound and definitely the wave effect.

Virus will have gone.

Mesh website should be your first stop.

  skidzy 21:44 26 Aug 2007

Download and run Belarc click here

Post back the motherboard details,we can then look for the sound card driver.

Normally something like Realtek AC97 driver is required,possibly different for your motherboard.

  Strawballs 22:15 26 Aug 2007

What did you reinstall from?

  Probabilitydrive 22:18 26 Aug 2007

My usual re-install sequence is:
motherboard drivers
graphic card drivers
sound card drivers
and than the rest (security suites..etc..)

skidzy -
the motherboard is an ASUSTek a8n-vm rev 1.xx
no idea what the graphics card or te sound card is
-hope this helps

  johnnyrocker 11:18 27 Aug 2007

as was suggested run belarc and it will tell you.


  paul€ 11:31 27 Aug 2007

Video driver click here

Sound driver click here

cool and quiet driver
click here

ACPI driver
click here

paul€ - thanks for the driver links,the sound driver was perfect,but the video driver was for the wrong nvidia card- so found the right one on their site and the computer is now working perfect. Thanks again for all your help.

  woodchip 17:15 27 Aug 2007

If you did not format the Drive before reinstall the Virus will still be there

  paul€ 19:01 27 Aug 2007

pleased it helped and it is up and running now.:)

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