Lost A: drive and sound card

  mik61ish 02:20 26 Jan 2004

I have lost my A: drive floppy disc & soundcard. After a crash XP home, re formatted XP but neither show im my computer, have tried deleting floppy drive and re boot still no go sound card I can't delete, and still says there is no conflict with either?

  Djohn 02:48 26 Jan 2004

Was the install from a XP CD or from a restore disk? Is it definitely a separate soundcard or on-board sound, and have you loaded the drivers for the sound?

The soundcard won't show in your "My Computer" but the "a" drive should. When you boot your PC does the green light on the floppy light up and do you hear the drive searching?

  mik61ish 06:24 26 Jan 2004

Djohn yes it was a restore disc, and it reinstalled XP, and came up a message in the task bar that windows could'nt load drives.

The green light does not come on the A: drive on start up.

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