Lost dial up connection

  SB23 19:03 28 Jun 2006

My sister has just rung me, and told me that she has lost her Wannado dialup connection. Her husband and daughter were trying to download onto their mp3 player, lost the connection, now they cannot get back on. Her neighbour told her to check the settings etc, but whatever she does, (including my suggestions), she cannot get back on.

Any ideas, I'm all out of them.


  MAJ 19:23 28 Jun 2006

Try setting up a temporary connection to Freedom click here I use it in emergencies. That will at least let you know if the problem lies with Wanadoo.

  Jak_1 19:25 28 Jun 2006

No idea what your suggestions were! However check these:

Control Panel > Internet Options > Connections > Settings Your default modem should be visible here, highlight it and click on settings and make sure the dialup number is correct. Check also that the shortcut on the desktop gives the correct pathway.

  Jak_1 19:27 28 Jun 2006

forgot to ask if they were getting the dialling tone? Is the problem that it just won't connect to the server, a common problem with the huge amount of dialup users trying to connect at peak hours.

  SB23 19:29 28 Jun 2006

MAJ, not a bad idea, I will try that if nothing else works.
Jak_1, thats what I asked her to check. Seems its all ok, but the modem still will not connect.

  SB23 19:30 28 Jun 2006

Thats a point, she said there was no tone.

  Jak_1 19:36 28 Jun 2006

Sounds like a dead modem and needs replacing, a new one should only set her back about £5 and is usually plug and play.

  SB23 19:44 28 Jun 2006

Do they just pack up that quickly? One minute working, next its not. The problem is she's about an hour away, so I want to be as sure as I can be before I go.
So I assume if there's a tone, its just the server is busy?

  ed-0 19:50 28 Jun 2006

Are they running XP?

System restore?


If so, get them to query the modem. That will tell you IF it is working and if the drivers are OK.

Control panel > phones and modems > modems > select the modem > properties > diagnostics > query modem.

  SB23 19:57 28 Jun 2006

Yes they're running XP. I tried to get my sister to query the modem, but she didn't understand where to go. I think I'll be planning an hours drive to her house if she doesn't sort it.
I'll ring her now to suggest system restore. Will get back to you.
Thanks for now.


  MAJ 20:10 28 Jun 2006

Make sure there are no messages waiting on BT's 1571 service, that will fool the modem into thinking there is no dial tone.

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