lost degree work on floppy disk.

  Mitch29 20:07 30 Apr 2003

please could anyone help to recover a friends degree work , she had saved her work onto a floppy disk intending to copy disk to another floppy disk. she mistakenlly inserted the blank disk into the drive and went to copy disk. she then when prompted inserted the disk with her work on and started the copy. She now has both discs blank . Is there anyway to recover what was on the work floppy disc. I think it could be a fatal error , but maybe someone has a miracle. Many thanks .

  spikeychris 20:14 30 Apr 2003

click here

click here

Both claim to do the job. Mmmm


  AubreyS 20:35 30 Apr 2003

Try click here
Then go down to...
EasyRecovery DataRecovery™ Trial edition - FREE!
I hope it works.

While I cant think of a way to help her at the moment, and hope that one of the above suggestions does, Please do two things -

Tell her never to rely on floppy disks, they are far too unreliable and secondly, do as I do if I absolutely HAVE to use one, I send a copy of the doc to myself by email, that way there is always a copy on a server / PC somewhare should things go bent!

  Legolas 21:05 30 Apr 2003

After losing college work through floppy disk failure and system crashes I now have 30MB of free space with Yahoo Briefcase and I upload my college work there before downloading it and saving it on the space I have on the college server. Hopefully your friend will be able to rescue her work as I know what a pain it is to have to redo lost work in fact I have spent today doing just that.

  Mitch29 21:46 30 Apr 2003

dear all , many thanks for the info, I have tried the suggested recovery programs , shareware mind you, to no avail. Thank you for the suggestions I will tell my friend your comments . I dont believe we will succeed but a harsh lesson learnt. I have replicated her actions and came to the same outcome . lost data. Wonder if the FBI have a spare hour or so .... Anyway manythanks all .

  hssutton 23:54 30 Apr 2003

Hi Mitch

I use PC Inspector File Recovery for when i've accidently deleted images from my C/Flash cards.
I have just tried it on a reformated floppy and revcovered all the original data. click here. also it's freeware

  Mitch29 20:57 01 May 2003

no joy but thanks all anyway ..

  hillybilly 01:45 02 May 2003

AubreyS shows a link in thier post to Ontrack, if you cannot recover the data with thier software then there is probably not much chance of you getting back as a DIY job. If its really important to retrieve then youshould ask Ontrack to recover it for you. NOT cheap but it's amazing what they can recover!

  DieSse 01:56 02 May 2003

Unfortuately DiskCopy replaces all the contents of one disk with another. If the contents of the source disk are blank - then you end up with a blank target - non-recoverable, as all the original disk is totally overwritten with all the blank disk. Deleting and reformatting can be recovered - actually overwriting the data cannot.

But where did she save it from - can't it be recovered from there??

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