Lost date in folders as they were changed to files

  kotagiri 09:29 18 Jan 2007


I am using windows XP Professional with 160 GB hard Drive. Recently when I started my computer it started with a scan disk and started converting some folders in F: drive to files. When my computer is booted completely I realized some folder(not all) in F: Drive are converted to files(without any extensions).
Actual size for few folders are around 20 GB. After changing them to files, they are now showing as 4 KB. Some are 8 KB. But overall size of the F: Drive didn't change as it still holding the data in those folders which are changed to files. I recently changed my files system from NTFS to FAT 32 on C: Drive.

Please help me in retrieving the data from those folders which are showing as files now. The data I had in those folders are the final data. If I could not recover that I will loose them forever. It is not possible to gather them again.

  FreeCell 09:39 18 Jan 2007

"I recently changed my files system from NTFS to FAT 32 on C: Drive."

Can you explain a bit more what you did? As far as I am aware the only way to convert from NTFS to FAT32 is by reformat of a disk and loss of all data. NTFS is a better file system and I wonder what made you want to change.

  kotagiri 10:16 18 Jan 2007

I have 4 partitions naming C, D, E, F. I used to have NTFS for c: Drive and FAT 32 for other 3 Drives. I reformatted the C: Drive and changed that to FAT 32. Then installed Windows XP on it. After the installation and the PC restarts it started with Scan Disk and this whole thing happened.

  FreeCell 17:22 18 Jan 2007

Not sure what you have done but you may have corrupted the Master File Table which scandisk is trying to fix.

See MS article below on what Scandisk or Chkdsk does in such circumstances. About third way down is reference to actions to try and recover lost clusters. Depends whether you can access drive c:

click here

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