Lost data - Partition problems

  the_riddle_house 22:19 18 Aug 2009

Hi All

I had a problem and had to reformat my hard drive using the supplied recovery disks. This worked ok. I had been using Roxio Back up my PC for backups to a external hard drive.

I went to my 250gig external to retrieve my backed up data but only found a 3.4gig partition put there when the recovery was done.

I bought Prosoft Data Rescue PC3 and scanned the drive and found a FAT32 3.4gig partition and the remainder of the drive as NTFS unallocated. But all my missing backed up files were there in the unallocated area. The Roxio Backup my PC qic files were there at 75gig. I bought another external and when trying to copy the qic files they are splitting up into many files. Back up my PC fails when trying to use these split files and can't rejoin them.

So I bought Partition Magic and scanned the drive and tried to restore the old partition but in the unallocated area it found nothing to undelete. So it appears the new 3.4gig partition has overwritten my drive letter.

I have 2 questions.

1. Is it possible for me to remove the unwanted partition and reallocate the unallocated areas to restore my data.


2. Is there a way I can copy the qic files without them splitting into many files.

I am nervous dealing with this drive as it contains my only backups of 18000 pictures.

Please help.

Thank you


  Technotiger 22:39 18 Aug 2009

This little gem has a great record of rescuing 'lost' pics, so it is worth a try - if it can 'see' the drive then it will almost certainly recover your pics.

click here

Good luck ...

  Technotiger 22:41 18 Aug 2009

PS - change the Search from image to .jpg, and also create a new folder for the recovered pics and direct the program to that folder - otherwise the program will keep all the pics in its own folder in Programs, so it is easier to have a dedicated new folder ready for the pics.

  the_riddle_house 22:08 21 Aug 2009

Hi thanks for your replies but I can't see the pictures they are part of a backup file with the file extension of .qic This the the packed file used by the program BACKUP MY PC.
The only way I can see the file is to load a recovery program - it sees the file but copies it to my other external in pieces. The backup program then can't work with the pieces.
I want to be able to copy the file intact.

  DieSse 22:27 21 Aug 2009

2. Is there a way I can copy the qic files without them splitting into many files.

Is the recovery program finding a complete .qic file - or is it just finding fragments, which it can only handle one fragment at a time?

  DieSse 22:36 21 Aug 2009

You say "copying it splits it into pieces"

Copying should not do that - I suspect you're not copying, but doing something else - if so what please?

What did you do to modify your external drive? - a system recovery from recovery disks shouldn't have anything to do with your external drive - it shouldn't even need to be connected.

You new external drive - how is it formatted? If it's formatted to FAT32, it can't handle files above 4GB - so it'll be impossible to copy a 75GB file to it - maybe that accounts for the splitting?. If it is FAT32 reformat it to NTFS and try again.

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