Lost Data

  surfer47 16:42 10 May 2013

Lost photos I had a problem that resulted is in all my photos being lost An attempt made by a technician I know to recover the data from my HDD on my PC. This was done and all the data was recovered to a separate HDD 1 TB. This took some time. I now have an HDD with all the recovered data on it. The trouble is I don’t recognise the format and can’t find the pictures. The technician said there were about a 1000. Should I be able to identify my pictures and transfer them to my PC? Or are they gone forever?. Regards

  lotvic 16:51 10 May 2013

Do you know what program the technician used to recover the data?

What is the format that you don't recognise?

When you explore the separate HDD 1 TB what do you see displayed? Is it a long list of files or folders? How much of the drive has been used (rightclick and choose Properties) this will confirm or not if there is any data on it.

It is possible that the recovered pictures no longer have their original names and are just numbered. What is the file ext for the files? (.jpg or something else?)

  surfer47 17:40 12 May 2013

Thanks for coming back. see attachment for info.

I don’t know what program was used to effect the recovery. When I explore the Remote HDD I see a column of 6 digit digits,e.g(00A1A2), 120 altogether, and the size is 1TB of which 76GB is used. The PC has a HDD of 450GB with 99GB in use. The file extensions are JPEG. I have found some photos but not as many as I had. Does any of this make sense? Regards

  lotvic 17:57 12 May 2013

Are they (column of 6 digit digits,e.g(00A1A2), 120 altogether) Folders?

So is '00A1A2' a folder that you can open and then it contains files with the ext .JPEG ?

What programs for pictures have you got installed and which do you usually use to view or manage your pictures?

What O/S have you on your pc? (XP or W7)

(It may be you already have the tools/programs you need without having to download any other)

  lotvic 18:01 12 May 2013

ps: Not sure what you meant by "see attachment for info" you can't include attachments or files on this forum. Only thing you can do is post links to other websites.

  lotvic 18:12 12 May 2013

If you want a good little program campicrestore (Camera Picture Restore) will find all your pictures on any drive you specify http://www.techadvisor.co.uk/forums/1/helproom/371204/question-re--campicrestor/


also Recuva is good http://www.recuva.com/

Don't forget to change/make a folder for the pictures to be saved into.

  surfer47 15:23 13 May 2013

The column (only one) are named as explained above. When opened they hold a variety of files such as 53EAO1, quite a few contain DLLs. Some containd photos but only 1 – 4. And if I try to open them I get “Fail to open document” My main editing program is serif Photoplus x5. “See attachment” I had tried to use “Print Screen” to show what the External HDD looked like but it was no good and I forgot to erase the note. My OS is Windows Vista. I have got some photos back but there should be a lot more. I hope this is of some use. Regards

  lotvic 15:42 13 May 2013

I suggest using (my post Yesterday at 6:12PM) the two free programs, not at same time... try one and see what pics it can find, then run the other one.

You could have a word with the technician and see what he suggests.

  Jim71 18:27 13 May 2013

sounds like some parts of some files may be missing. you may want to try different apps and see if they can open the file. sometimes one app may work with a broken file sometimes it cant

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