Lost & damaged photos

  madrush 15:58 18 Jan 2009

Firstly apologies if this has been covered elsewhere - I've found similar threads, but not quite what I'm looking for.

I've messed up big time, and my problem is this:

I wanted to recover some deleted photos using PC Inspector Smart Recovery but found it was picking up every single photo on my PC, and I did not have enough room on D:Drive, so it kept aborting. To get round this I cut and pasted all my current photos onto CD's and this solved the problem.

Unfortunately, I'd not noticed that two of the discs were CD-RW, and they must have burned badly as I can't play them at all now - the CD takes about 10 minutes to load and the photos are unviewable.

I've tried recovery programs such as Digital Image Recovery, CD Recovery Toolbox and CD Check but these just recovery damaged images. I also tried to install NERO, but I can't get it to run.

Typically the photos were my most recent, so PC Inspector can't find them on my PC as they've never been backed up or recycled.

Can anyone suggest how I can

a) Recover the photos from the disc, or

b) Find them on my Hard Drive?

Many thanks, and apologies for being such an idiot!

  Technotiger 16:04 18 Jan 2009

click here is a direct download for a program to recover your pictures.

  Technotiger 16:06 18 Jan 2009

Sorry I made a small typo ...

click here

  madrush 16:22 18 Jan 2009

Thanks Technotiger, although I ran this program from another article link.

So far it's been running for an hour and a half and not got past the first photo - is this normal?

  anchor 16:29 18 Jan 2009

Here is a link to a long and rather old PCA thread about Campicrestor; might help you.

click here

  Technotiger 17:07 18 Jan 2009

If it is still running after finding only one photo, then I believe that it has finished - looks as if you really have lost any others, unless something has stopped the program running - have a look in Windows Task Manager to see if it is still running, or if it is simply not responding.

  Technotiger 17:08 18 Jan 2009

Hi, my corrected link above, is the same link you have directed to - only without all the run-a-round!

  madrush 19:35 18 Jan 2009

It looks like it just can't actually read the data - maybe I'm shafted tbh.

Just out of interest I scanned the memory card from the camera which I took the pics with - rather bizarrely it recovered photos form before and after, but not the ones I'm looking for. Surely it should recover everything that was on there?

It's a conspiracy!

  Technotiger 19:42 18 Jan 2009

I have never known it not to recover pics from a card - perhaps those particular pics have been severely corrupted some how. Can't think of any other explanation.

  madrush 20:51 20 Jan 2009

Back again - I think the disc is kaput so plan B. Sorry it's longwinded!

I set the recovery scan running overnight, and ran it on C:Drive to see if I could recover the pics that way. It found over 50,000 pics (inc .gifs etc) but aborted at 60% as it had filled my 230GB hard drive, so I haven't got the ones I want yet.

So today I bought a mother of a 640GB external hard drive to use.

Here's why I show myself to be a true novice though - I've transferred all the pics I don't want to the external and I'll format it to get rid. But does it delete them internally, or does it send them to my PC hard drive like a normal delete/recycle?

What I want to avoid is overwriting any pics I might want to recover.

  MAJ 21:03 20 Jan 2009

If you format the external drive, then all files on the external drive and ONLY files on the external drive will be deleted. Those files will NOT be sent to the internal drive when being deleted. I think that's what you are asking.

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