lost d drive

  rsturbo 18:39 16 Jul 2003

i tried installing a usb keyring device, it would not work so i uninstalled it now i don't have a d drive icon in my computer. strange thing is the d drive is accessible thru dos. can somebody pls let me know how to get it back?? w98 with fdd hdd and cdrom (d)

thanks for any help

  dazzling (work) 22:44 16 Jul 2003

try going into device manager and removing it then run the add new hardware wizard and see if it picks the drive up.darren

  rsturbo 00:24 17 Jul 2003

either in device manager or my computer

  Quiller. 00:35 17 Jul 2003

Long time no see M8.

Is old "d" a slave drive or partition?

If it is a slave drive, change the jumpers and put it on the spare IDE ribbon connector.

You say " w98 with fdd hdd and cdrom (d) ". If your cdrom is secondary master put the slave hard drive down to secondary slave. Make sure it is on auto on the bios, boot to windows and you should see it.

  wee eddie 21:37 17 Jul 2003

The USB Keyring drive would show as Drive E. when it was connected.

When you decided to delete the keyring drive. I assume that it wasn't connected.

Could you have accidentally deleted the last drive. e.g. Your CDRom Drive

  rsturbo 22:33 17 Jul 2003

w98 with hdd (c) fdd (a) cdrom (d) cdrom is master on second ide. can't remember how i got rid of d it was accidental whatever happened, just need to get it back. recap: is visible in bios on auto and is visible in dos

thanks for responses so far

long time no see - been away on holiday and working away from home - back now :)

  Stuartli 01:00 18 Jul 2003

If you go into Device Manager, highlight your drive, Properties and then the Settings tab, is the drive listed as D and D?

If not try correcting the letters.

  rsturbo 23:51 18 Jul 2003

c and a are visible in my computer and device manager. d is not visible at all in windows

  Murray 00:20 19 Jul 2003

problem with a USB CDRW and windows 2000, would be interesting to know the ending...

have you tried all normal things like following the instructions word for word, unplugging/uninstalling everything and trying to get back to normal...

  wee eddie 00:43 19 Jul 2003

Running:- Control Panel > Install New Hardware, because if it is the CD that came with the PC. The drivers should be available on the HDD.

  hugh-265156 00:48 19 Jul 2003

have you tried system restore?

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