Lost cutout

  1st spring 02:53 07 Feb 2010

I was using MGI photo suite 4 when I cut out a picture, when I closed I clicked on save. I ended up with a picture without a face. Could you tell me please is there a way of getting the face back

  gigagiggles 09:05 07 Feb 2010

if you haven't cut/copy since, open up wordpad and paste into an rtf document. hope there is no timeout on the clipboard, which is where all this takes place.

  1st spring 09:17 07 Feb 2010

I have cut and copied since but the pic didn't quit fit so I had to make it larger to fit the space. I am not expecting your advise to work as you said If I haven't cut/copied, but where do I find word pad and what is rtf document and where is that.

  BT 17:01 07 Feb 2010

Word pad is in the Start menu on XP under All Programs > Accessories.
If you do 'Save As' the default format is RTF

  BT 17:04 07 Feb 2010

Also of course when working on a picture you should aways save the altered image as a new filename so that you still have your original.

  1st spring 18:13 07 Feb 2010

Thank you. I made a mistake by not saving the original first.

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