Lost Contacts list in OE

  Drum 13:32 30 Nov 2008

Hello one and all.
I've got an unusual problem that's occurred in the last few weeks, in that my contacts in Outlook express 6 seem to vanish. I've got the normal folders inbox, outbox, sent items and drafts etc, and below that there should be a contacts list which you can close and should be able to get back by going to the view tab.

If I go to view > layout and click show contacts, the contacts box comes up empty and says there are no contacts to display, when in actual fact I've got hundreds??
I can get this back by doing a restore from an Outlook express backup program I have, but I don't understand why this keeps vanishing. Any suggestions anyone?

  Audio~~Chip 13:42 30 Nov 2008

If yes then Microsoft Outlook being part of the Office package maybe trying to import the settings and their all in their. Only a idea i may be wrong.

Search for all .wab and open with Excel if you have this then & same with the dbx files. ? also just an idea but may be wrong.

  Drum 14:02 30 Nov 2008

Hello Chip, and thanks for trying to help. No I don't have Microsoft Outlook, only Outlook express. I'm running Windows XP home and good old Internet Explorer 6 , although I have to say this is giving me some problems as well with an error box that keeps coming up when I close IE..

  Sea Urchin 14:12 30 Nov 2008

Do you by any chance have more than 999 addresses in your address book? OE Contacts can only display that number, and if you go one over they will all vanish from the Contacts Pane.

  Drum 10:21 01 Dec 2008

Good point Sea Urchin I probably do, and this is maybe how I'm able to restore a previous backup which is under 999, and then this vanishes again once I get e-mails from a few new contacts.
I have deleted a couple of hundred this morning, so we'll see what happens. What I really need to do is to stop contacts automatically being added, any suggestions how to do this?

  Drum 10:26 01 Dec 2008

Found it :-).
It was under automatically put people I reply to into my address book in tools/ options.
Many thanks for your help.

  Sea Urchin 10:52 01 Dec 2008

Glad to hear that's sorted.

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