Lost broadband access 5 days ago - getting nowhere

  cyberphobic 14:06 29 Jan 2006

I've had Pipex broadband for nearly 4 years without any problems, last Monday I lost my connection for a few hours, then it came back on again, disappeared for a few hours, reappeared briefly on Tuesday morning and since then I've been unable to reconnect my broadband. I assumed (wrongly) that the it was a Pipex problem, but when I rang them, they assured me there were no problems with their broadband service. I then tried a different phone socket, a different DSL filter, different leads from filter to modem/router (Cnet 4 port)and from modem router to 8 point hub and also bypassing the hub completely. None of these made any difference, so I assumed that the modem/router had developed a fault and next morning I went to my local PC dealer and bought a D-Link DSL 504T modem/router. I couldn't get it to work despite spending most of Wedneday evening on the phone to D-Link technical support. Eventually they told me that it must be faulty so the next morning I went back and exchanged it for a another one. When I got the replacement home I still couldn't get it to work so I rang Pipex again, they told me to enter [email protected]_domain into the browser and they would monitor the connection overnight. The next morning they told me that the connection had dropped several times overnight (the router showed as being connected but I was still unable to view webpages)and they would contact BT immediately to report the fault. BT rang that afternoon and asked me questions like whether I had recently connected any new equipment or whether I had a telephone switchboard connected!! their final advice was that as there was no fault showing on the line I should disconnect all my phones and everything would be all right. Of course it wasn't, so I phoned Pipex again and by coincidence spoke to the same guy again, he filed anaother report with BT (by now Friday evening)and enabled a free dial up line for me (which I'm using now) I have heard nothing from BT and am beginning to wonder if I will ever have a broadband connection again!None of this makes sense to me, Pipex assure me there is no problem, there is no way that 3 different modem routers can all be faulty, I have double checked and changed all other connections - surely it's got to be the line hasn't it? All suggestions gratefully received, as I am rapidly losing the will to live here!

  BurrWalnut 14:33 29 Jan 2006

You have my sympathy.

If you're running WinXP have a look in Event Viewer for any clues.

Also, although it may seem obvious, check your ISP settings in Internet Options, Connections Tab.

Good luck.

  jack 14:35 29 Jan 2006

This is a big spiel, and its after lunch Sunday to forgive me if I have missed something.
You are assuming the problem is hardware- I beleive.
It may not be.
It could equally be the software - the connection software has become corrupt and is not[forgive the term] dialling the correct code for your Pipex connection.

Delete it in your network connections and reinstall it from the Pipex disk.

  cyberphobic 14:54 29 Jan 2006

Your helpful comments are appreciated, I agree that some sort of software/connection setting problem sounds possible, but having been on non stop broadband for nearly 4 years I don't see why something would suddenly change on the original router, also I have been all through the settings on the 2 other routres with both D-Link and Pipex and they have confirmed that they are correct

  Fingees 15:04 29 Jan 2006

I would take heed, and reinstall all the software.

Whilst it may have been ok for years, it's obviously not ok now.

You are very lucky to have any software last without some corruption for that amount of time.

After all only one byte has toi go faulty.

All the best.

  chub_tor 15:06 29 Jan 2006

If you are convinced that both your hardware and software are sound (and you sound pretty convincing to me) then the problem must lie with BT. Intermitent faults were common in this rural part of Devon where overhead lines run through trees etc. now most of my line is underground and problems have decreased.
I should persist with BT and try to get them to come to your house and check the line at its point of entry they can only check so much via a test at the exchange.

  cyberphobic 15:16 29 Jan 2006

Thanks for your responses,I'm not very clear what software I need to check, other than that the router is correctly installed (which it does appear to be)but would be appreciative of any suggestions. While typing this response the connection was dropped and automatically redialled.

  DeeGee 16:01 29 Jan 2006

I have to agree with chub_tor - I have been experiencing dropped ADSL connection with BT for the last year. It reconnects automatically after a minute or two. This has been happening several times every day. I have reported it to BT and they have suggested numerous remedies, hardware and sofware, but deny that there is any problem with their equipment or the line. BT engineers have found no problems at my premises and stated "off the record" that it must be the exchange. I learn today that BT are to upgrade my exchange, including the Broadband and I am hoping that this will solve the problems. Persist with your complaints against BT and insist that they call at your premises.

  cyberphobic 16:44 29 Jan 2006

Have just gone all through BT'S tortuous broadband fault reporting process to eventually speak to someone (based who knows where)who has told me that yes there is a fault with my broadband and engineers are working on it and it should be fixed within 48 hours. So firstly they phone to tell me there isn't a fault, but when they do find a fault, they don't have the courtesy to tell me - I am deeply unimpressed.

  spuds 18:47 29 Jan 2006

I believe there is a procedure, where BT will give compensation for this type of service problem. Why not send a letter, explaining all the facts, perhaps they show a gesture of goodwill. Should mention, that when you call out a BT engineer, and they say that there is no fault(?), then you wil most likely receive a bill from them for their time.

  woodchip 18:59 29 Jan 2006

You could be missing the main thing, It could be your ISP. As I lost mine for four days. After contacting BT as am on a BT line but use NTL BB, My phone worked but BB did not. After contacting Ntl they fixed it.

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