Lost all files on USB Memory Stick

  Mister M 00:26 18 Nov 2009

I wanted to backup all the files stored on my USB memory stick to my external hard drive. I selected all of the files listed on my USB memory stick and dragged and dropped them to my External hard drive. The 'Time remaining to copy box' then seemed to stay on the same time for along while and i assumed that this was in error so I cancelled this process. When I rechecked the files on the USB memory stick, all of them had disappeared.

When I now click on the properties of the USB Memory Stick it says "File System: Unknown" and "Used Space 0 bytes, Free Space 0 bytes". Also, when I click on "Removable disk (F:)" in My Computer, i get a message saying "Please insert a disc into drive F:" even though the stick is inserted into the USB port. The stick now seems to be not recognised when plugged in although F drive does appear in My Computer.

I haven't attempted to save any new files to the stick since the above has happened as I have read that this could mean that the original lost files might then not be recoverable.

I have downloaded several file recovery programmes but non of them even recognise the stick. F Drive is either greyed-out or it says Drive F: Not readable.

Has anyone any suggestions on the best course of action to recover my files from what appears to now be, a defective memory stick. Any responses would be greatly received.

  Technotiger 08:26 18 Nov 2009

This is a Direct Download of a small program which 'might' do the job - not guaranteed, but you would not be any worse of anyway ...

click here

  rawprawn 08:28 18 Nov 2009

It sounds as though you have somehow deleted the file system, and you are left with a RAW system. Have a look in Admin Tools> computer Management> Disk Management and see if it is shown there. Also if it's there look and see what options are available if you right click on it.
Also look in Device manager and see if there are any Yellow marks in the USB Ports section.

  Mister M 19:16 18 Nov 2009

Thanks Technotiger and rawprawn.

Technotiger, I downloaded the program in your link but the outcome was the same as the other recovery programs i tried yesterday ie did not recognise the stick and will not allow me to recover anything from it.

rawprawn, I looked in Disk management but only the 'C' and 'D' drives are shown. I also looked in Device manager and there are no yellow marks.

If anyone has any other suggestions on what I might try to recover my files or even just to get the memory stick recognised then I would appreciate it.

One possible alternative - Has anyone any experience of these data recovery companies who you can find via Google who charge a fee for retrieving lost or deleted files on hard drives, memory sticks etc?

  Technotiger 19:19 18 Nov 2009

Data recovery via such companies is VERY expensive - probably starting at about £250 plus!!

  bremner 19:22 18 Nov 2009

Please can I contact you through the yellow envelope re this.

  woodchip 19:39 18 Nov 2009

Download Testdisk click here Download the correct one for your operating system run it and point it to the drive

  Mister M 19:49 18 Nov 2009

bremner, excuse my ignorance but what is the yellow envelope? Is it some sort of private messaging system. I would be happy for you to contact me if you can help - Do I need to do anything at my end ie allowing contact to be made? How do I know when you have contcted me, do i get an email from the site?

  Technotiger 19:58 18 Nov 2009

The little Yellow Envelope beside your name in the Forum - click on it (by Invitation only) and you can email the Member direct.

  Mister M 20:13 18 Nov 2009

OK thanks Technotiger. Do i need to do anything to 'allow' bremner to contact me?

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