Lost ADSL connection when ethernet cable removed

  denzil42 16:30 11 Jun 2007

I have recently moved house and my computer was connected to the internet using a Belkin wireless modem/router using a Belkin wireless adaptor.I also had a laptop with a Belkin wireless card connected.
At my new address I have configured the router with the ethernet cable but when i try to connect wirelessly everything looks to be set up ok but when i disconnect the ethernet cable the ADSL light on my modem/router starts blinking and i lose my internet connection.
If i disable the ethernet card i can still connect to the internet wirelessly as long as the ethernet cable is connected to the modem/router.I have set everything up in the room nearest to the phone socket but want to move the computer to another room and leave the modem/router near to the phone point.
Any ideas why this is happening ?

  denzil42 17:02 11 Jun 2007

By the way my ISP is AOL.

  PalaeoBill 17:33 11 Jun 2007

Pure speculation here but it may be that the DHCP is not releasing.
Configure the router wired. Power down the PC. Power down the router. Disconnect the ethernet cable from PC to router. Power up the router. Power up the PC. Check the wireless networking set up.
If it is still not working:
Open a command prompt and run ipconfig to see the IP address issued by DHCP on the router. If you don't have one then there is a problem with DHCP on the router. (Post back for more help.)
If an IP address has been issued, try pinging the router. If you can ping the router, load your browser and browse to the IP address of the router. You should be able to see the connection status within the router setup. A hard reset of the router may be necessary. (Post back your findings).

Good Luck

  denzil42 16:14 12 Jun 2007

I tried the first part of your suggestion and all the settings looked ok but when the ethernet cable was disconnected I lost my ADSL connection.
I tried the second suggestion and was able to ping the router. The connection status of the router showed everything to be connected ok. I reset the router and set it all up from scratch but when I disconnect the ethernet cable I lose my ADSL connection. The wireless adaptor appears to be working ok as if I disable the ethernet card I can still connect to the internet. I just can not connect to the internet if I remove the ethernet cable from the router. I find this baffling as everything worked fine before I moved house.

  PalaeoBill 19:52 12 Jun 2007

When you tried to ping the router was the ethernet cable completely disconnected?

With the ethernet cable removed completely, can you browse to the IP address of the router and see the setup pages etc. and in particular the connection status of the ADSL?

  PalaeoBill 20:35 12 Jun 2007

If not, then it could be a wireless channel issue. (Interference from a nearby wireless router on the same channel.)

Go wired again, into the router set up and change the wireless channel. I think 6 is the default, you can use any number between 1 and I think 13.

  denzil42 16:11 13 Jun 2007

I can ping the router with the the ethernet cable connected.If the ethernet cable is disconnected or the ethernet card is disabled I can not ping the router.
With the ethernet cable disconnected I can not browse to the router set up page.If I leave the ethernet cable connected to the router I can browse to the router set up page.If I disable the ethernet card on the network connections page I can browse to the router set up page.I lose my ADSL signal whenever the ethernet cable is disconnected.
I moved the wireless to a different channel but I still had the same problem when I removed the ethernet cable.
The default wireless channel for my router is 11 I have switched to several other channels but still lose my ADSL signal when the ethernet cable is disconnected.

  PalaeoBill 16:29 13 Jun 2007

It is looking like a bad router.

  thepictorian 19:52 13 Jun 2007

you said your isp is aol, when you subsribed to aol what modem or router did they suply you with as i am with aol and the router that they suplied me was a thomson speedtouch 576 wifi router if you disconect the lan cable the lights will go out.
my sugestion to you is the disk that came with your router to reconfigure your router modem, start by tring this open internet explorer and typing the name of your router in the top bar this sould bring up the configureation utility page and you can reconfigure it from the failing that you can use the disk that came with the router ok.

  denzil42 15:12 14 Jun 2007

To PalaeoBill.

Thanks for your advice. I will contact Belkin again and see where that takes me.

To thepictorian.

The modem provided by AOL is a BT voyager 100. This works fine but I bought the Belkin wireless modem/router to set up a wireless network at my previous address. This worked fine.
My problems started after I moved house. I can connect to the internet using the BT voyager modem but it means keeping the computer in a room near to the phone socket, not in the room where I want to use it. This is because the BT voyager 100 will only work with a maximum length of 10 meters on the phone extension cable.
I can connect to the internet using the Belkin modem/router but until I get my problem with losing the ADSL signal sorted out, the computer has to stay near to the phone socket not in the room where I want to use it.
I have set up the Belkin modem/router from scratch several times, reset the router several times, all the settings look ok, the wireless adaptor works ok. As PalaeoBill suggests, There may be a problem with the router. I will contact Belkin again as there is supposed to be a lifetime warranty for the router.

  denzil42 16:27 18 Jul 2007

After many sessions on the phone talking to different advisors.Being told the problem was with my computer,my ISP,told to contact my computer manufacturer and trying the same steps over and over Belkin finally conceded the problem was with their router/modem.(Something i suspected and suggested to them right at the start of all these problems).They have now replaced it and everything is working fine with the new equipment.Does anyone think these helplines are there to run up the phone bill so these companies make some money out of us even though you would expect them to be able to isolate the fault fairly quickly?

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