Lost Activation Key

  Actor One 21:16 11 Sep 2009

Owing to a catastrophic system failure I`ve had to restore everything I had from backups, however my Home & Office 2007 Student Full Version has reverted to the trial version, & I can`t find my full version activation key anywhere.

The Microsoft (Un)help & (Un)Support centre has a circle of articles on How to obtain a lost or damaged activation key, incredibly each article doesn`t actually tell you how to do it, you just go round & riund in circles, pressing knowledgebase numbers.

Can anybody please supply me with a DIRECT website link or telephone number so I can obtain a new or replacement Full Version Activation Key for Office 2007 Home & Student, before I commit hari-kari....!

Before someone asks, I purchased a downloaded conversion key & that is what I`ve lost, I have everything else, my back up disc, receipts, order numbers, date purchased etc....!!

  rdave13 21:21 11 Sep 2009

Unless you've actually saved the key to a portable device AWAY from the PC (including writing it down in a proper note book) then I think you're stuffed. Sorry.

  lotvic 21:48 11 Sep 2009

Customer Service Solution Centres
click here

  rdave13 22:18 11 Sep 2009

Hopefully CS will help but I think your on to a 'hiding for nothing'.

  Actor One 23:10 11 Sep 2009

I have found the Product Activation Solution Centres Tel Number and will let you know in due course....otherwise its £85 down the pan....!!

  rdave13 23:21 11 Sep 2009

Good luck and hope they'll understand. If you lose 85 squids then it's nobody else's fault but your own.

  jellyhead 23:31 11 Sep 2009

Don't know if these little program will help, it will tell you your license keys if they are stored on the computer. When you run it click on Licenses, just not sure if it will help in your situation, may be worth a try it is free.
click here

  rdave13 23:44 11 Sep 2009

Actor One said it was a 'catastrophic system failure ' and had to 'restore' everything. Possibly meaning restore to factory settings or reformat and reinstalling the OS.
If so SIW isn't going to help.

  Actor One 15:46 12 Sep 2009

The system failure was catastrophic, but my back-ups were less than a week old. The question is why did Home & Student Office 2007 revert to the trial version.

SIW by the way is a excellent program and I shall be keeping it, it does however give the trial version key, not the full version.

I`ve probably put the key somewhere safe, very safe...so safe I can`t find the damn thing..

Thanks jellyhead for the suggestion... rdave - yes in the long run it probably may be "my fault", but a little more constructive suggestions rather than a snide smirk wouldn`t go amiss...!

  woody 17:05 12 Sep 2009

I think this is appropriate to this post - well I hope so.
A car I owned ,from new,was 14 yrs old low mileage but was about to be given away.
The radio/tape had never been used but did not work as the bat had been replaced and the code was never put back in.
I and my wife looked everywhere for the code.I even found a source that would tell me the code for a price !
Kicking myself as the recipient of the car ,a student, would definitely want a radio I finally gave up looking.
The shiny new car was delivered complete with a number of codes etc.
I said to my wife - "now put them (the codes) somewhere safe as we my need them one day."
That's funny she said "that's just what you said 14yrs ago!" and handed me the credit card size item with among others the radio code.

  jellyhead 17:25 12 Sep 2009

If it comes to the worst and you need to buy again try here
click here
click here
click here
Sorry I cant be any more help.

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