Lost 52 GB

  skidoo 17:21 28 Feb 2007

My computer is a Dell Dimension 5150 1gb ram with 2 x 80gb hard drives .just bought Lacie 350 gb external drive .Only get 298gb when i plug it in
,where have the 52gb gone.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:38 28 Feb 2007

Operating systems, such as Microsoft Windows, frequently report capacity using the binary interpretation of the prefixes, which results in a discrepancy between the disk manufacturer's stated capacity and what the system reports. The difference becomes much more noticeable in the multi-gigabyte range. For example, Microsoft's Windows 2000 reports disk capacity both in decimal to 12 or more significant digits and with binary prefixes to 3 significant digits. Thus a disk specified by a disk manufacturer as a 30 GB disk might have its capacity reported by Windows 2000 both as "30,065,098,568 bytes" and "28.0 GB." The disk manufacturer used the SI definition of "giga," 109. However utilities provided by Windows define a gigabyte as 230, or 1,073,741,824, bytes, so the reported capacity of the disk will be closer to 28.0 GB. For this reason, many utilities that report capacity have begun to use the aforementioned IEC standard binary prefixes (e.g. KiB, MiB, GiB) since their definitions are unambiguous.

Some people mistakenly attribute the discrepancy in reported and specified capacities to reserved space used for file system and partition accounting information. However, for large (several GiB) filesystems, this data rarely occupies more than a few MiB, and therefore cannot possibly account for the apparent "loss" of tens of GBs.

  uesquebeathus 18:53 28 Feb 2007

The Lacie Product lists only 320gb drives none at 350 gb sorry, they list from 40gb to 500gb plus but no 350s

  skidoo 20:19 28 Feb 2007

Thanks for your replies boys .Yes it is a 320 gb drive,but to loose 22gb seams rather high to me .I must have 300gb,or is it a miss print on the box ???.one think ,it worked first time,that is a big ++ in to days world

  terryf 20:22 28 Feb 2007

Read Fruit Bat /\0/\ post again? and do the sums

  [email protected] 20:26 28 Feb 2007

Well everything is fine. Fruit Bat and crx1600 have explained why it shows as 298GB rather than 320GB

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