lost 10 GB space of HDD

  L.H.F 10:24 23 Jan 2003
  L.H.F 10:24 23 Jan 2003

i used the XP partitioner to slit a 30GB HDD into 10 and 20 GB.

im missing 10GB!?!?!?!?

any ideas y?

  AndySD 10:35 23 Jan 2003

So your 2 drives are 10gig each?

  L.H.F 10:45 23 Jan 2003

no i have 1 30GB HDD but partitioned

i have i 20GB which i can see, but a invisilbe 10GB i know its a 30GB drive.

  AndySD 10:49 23 Jan 2003

Right click on My Computer choose Manage Choose Disk Manager and see if its there.

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