loss of synchronisation

  Chegs ®™ 18:43 17 Oct 2007

I have a Netgear DG834 v2 wireless adsl modem/router and it is driving me nuts.I have flashed to latest firmware (DG834v2_V3.01.31_UK.)swapped from PPPoA to PPPoE (this reduced the problem initially) and have resorted to unplugging the phoneline from it before retiring to bed as otherwise I am left with a much slower connection when next going online(to reset the DSLAM)These measures have resulted in my router behaving reasonably well for the last few weeks,until today.

I reconnected the phoneline at 4pm and was sync'd at 5276kbps but within a halfhour it was down to 4960 kbps and on checking the router log I saw "Loss of synchronization :7" which I find very confusing as numbers 6/5 and 4 were whilst the dam thing was unplugged.How the hell can a disconnected router lose synchronisation?

I have another router/modem (unfortunately not wireless enabled) that doesn't have this loss problem,and I do plan on buying another brand wireless router/modem soon,but would like someone to try and explain how a disconnected device can possibly lose synchronisation with the DSLAM at the exchange.

  mgmcc 20:08 17 Oct 2007

Why don't you use the "non-wireless" Modem/Router that works reliably to connect to the ADSL service, then plug the problematical DG834 into it - "LAN Port" to "LAN Port" - disable the DG834's DHCP Server and run it as a basic Network Switch and Wireless Access Point?

  Chegs ®™ 22:53 17 Oct 2007

It took me a little headscratching as I had no internet through the Netgear and with both routers attached,each time I tried to access the Actiontec router I was getting the Netgears cfg pages until I found the relevant section in the Netgears pages to alter its IP address(they were both this was changed,all PC's can now access the internet.

My only concern now is the sync speed of the Actiontec,despite a good halfhour unplugged from the phoneline(to reset the DSLAM)I'm sync'd at just 3136kbps whereas the Netgear would normally be 5000+ so although I have a reliable connection,its slower.Therefore,I still plan on buying another router/modem in the near future but this setup will at least allow me to continue my gaming online without repeatedly getting disconnected.Thank You mgmcc.

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