Loss of sound after adding secondary HDD?

  Ma6ician 19:08 13 Apr 2012

Hi Guys,my father has a tower pc which was built years ago by a small computer shop.It's running windows Xp and has a 40 Gb HDD. In order to give him more space, I fitted a secondary HDD from an old machine of mine (also 40Gb).I have done nothing to the 'original' drive,it's still in the same place,same power, and same place on the ribbon (ide). On the secondary drive, I set the jumpers to slave, found an empty power plug on the harness,and also a spare connection on the IDE cable.On power up the secondary HDD is recognized as drive F (New volume) and everything seems fine.BUT on trying to play a tune from 'my music' on the original drive,Windows Media Player accepts it,but there's no actual sound coming out?, dragging a tune within windows explorer to the new drive, and same thing, no sound?. I have checked nothings 'muted' and even checked the windows default sounds, but nothing from them either??.Device Manager shows NO issues.Everything seems perfectly normal but just no sound at all?. By connecting "Higher Up" the ribbon for the second drive, am I cutting out a signal or something?, or is what I've done fine?. To confuse matters windows did an update at the same time, could it be thats the problem??. Many thanks in advance Phil ..

  lotvic 20:03 13 Apr 2012

Fitting an extra drive should not cause a sound problem. Maybe you knocked a connection loose? Check connections to make sure they are ok.

The MS update may have caused a problem. Try testing the sound using the DirectX Diagnostic Tool.

Go to Start -> Run -> type, dxdiag into the box and press OK and run the test sounds for each tab.

  Ma6ician 20:34 13 Apr 2012

Thanks Lotvic, I didn't think anything I'd done was wrong?,and will try the DirectX Diagnostic Tool that you mention, tho I've just run it on my Win 7 Laptop, but there's no audible sound, it just reports its fine. So am I correct in thinking there is ONLY the IDE & power cable connected to the original 'master' HDD on my fathers PC?, (There's no seperate sound card)so does the IDE cable carry the sound to the motherboard for 'on board sound?. Again thanks, and will re-post my findings :-/

  lotvic 23:24 13 Apr 2012

A harddrive connects to the motherboard via the IDE cable and power plug. The IDE cable carries all the data on the harddrives to the motherboard - you don't have another separate cable from the harddrive to the motherboard for sound only. The motherboard (bios) sorts out where to send the data - pictures to your monitor via the video card and sound to speakers via the speaker card (these can be onboard (built in to motherboard, or separate cards plugged in)

Follow this guide for the speakers connection to the motherboard, including the tests it gives. If your dad's speakers are colour coded then it is the green jackplug you need to check is firmly in place. Follow the pics on my link and do the sound testing that's advised on the guide.

Here's a couple of useful links for connecting the IDE drives so you can check all is plugged in as it should be. ClickHere and also ClickHere

  Ma6ician 17:42 14 Apr 2012

Hi Lotvic, Well I was quite sure I'd done nothing wrong,but then when you change something and things don't work as they did before (supposedly)you doubt yourself. Anyway after spending time running through all the checks you suggested, and even disconnecting the slave HDD and running again, still nothing? :-( . So I decided to eliminate ALL variables and bring the system home and to connect it to MY connections in place of MY tower. AND system runs perfectly fine :-) so therefore everything I've done is fine,and can only assume there is a speaker problem that I don't know about back at my fathers,tho I'm told it was fine before (I have my doubts).Anyway just to prove the point I'll cross check it by taking my own speakers(and tower if necessary) and connecting,tho I'm sure the answer will be duff speakers/connection. Many many thanks for the links and help. Phil

  john bunyan 18:03 14 Apr 2012

You could do a quick check by plugging in headphones into the speaker socket to see if there is sound.

  john bunyan 18:06 14 Apr 2012

Also see here: other thread

  Ma6ician 18:37 14 Apr 2012

Hey John, Well I just tried a set of combined headphone/mic in place of the speakers, and again all works fine. So that saves taking my tower and speakers round to prove the point. If it works on headphones, and NOT on their speakers, it pretty much confirms what the problem is, a loose wire or jack plug fault. As long as its not MY fault lol. Cheers for the idea. Phil.

  lotvic 18:53 14 Apr 2012

Let us know what happens when you get it set up at your dad's :)

  Ma6ician 21:46 16 Apr 2012

Hi Lotvic & John. UPDATE !! Returned my fathers tower pc today, after giving it a full service, defrag, and moving all music/ photo/ video files onto the secondary (storage) HDD I fitted. Also I found a spare power plug on the wiring harness and so connected the vent fan on the side casing, which was just tied up, and never been in use from new??. Anyway I connected everything up, and NOTHING sound wise again, so I connected my headphones, and all was fine. Connecting a secondary pr of speakers, and yet again all was fine. So it seems I have been searching for a fault that didn't exist, apart from duff speakers.. I know it may seem obvious in hindsight, but when you're ASSURED they're working fine, you take it for granted. Besides, have you ever tried arguing with an 80 yr old? lol.Anyway I'm just posting this as a thankyou to Lotvic & John for their help, and also this post has had over 160 views, so it may help someone else to know the fault and final outcome. Thanks also to all who give up their time to contribute on this site. I do my bit(when I know the answer).. Cheers guys :¬)

  john bunyan 21:48 16 Apr 2012


Glad you sorted it - thanks for the feedback.

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