loss of signal/reception

  abbott8 14:33 06 Oct 2005

Could anyone out there help me please.

I have a wireless network at home and also live right next door to the local telephone exchange that has a radio mast, I am experiencing serious interference with my satelite and terrestrial tv reception.

does anyone think this is my wireless network or is more likely the radio mast, I am trying to reduce the possible interference possibilities before I have to contact BT.

Any asssitance would be greatly appreciated.

  MAJ 14:42 06 Oct 2005

It could be either, both or neither, abbott8, but have you tried a few ferrite rings click here on your TV leads. I've used them before when getting interference from CB radio operators, they are very effective at stopping radio signal interference.

  abbott8 14:45 06 Oct 2005

thanks you MAJ I will give that a try,

any more suggestions would be greatfully appreciated.

  MAJ 14:47 06 Oct 2005

You should also be able to get them at your local TV/radio supply/repair shop, abbott, to save you sending off for them.

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