Loss of Hibernate and Restore

  Malinfareham 08:56 14 Jul 2007

I need regular medication, the prescription for which I order over the internet. I asked the designer of the site if there was any way I could keep the details of the various drugs on my PC to avoid typing them in each time and he recommended a program which has really upset my computer (click here.

I deleted the program but I can now no longer use Hibernate or Restore. I can't face using the reset system disc which came with the PC as that would mean reinstalling everything. The designer has abandoned me. Can anyone help? My PC is an E2040 emachine with a total of 1GB of RAM running Windows XP.

  HCOOH 09:05 14 Jul 2007

May I suggedt as a first step, Start\Run\ thentype in the box sfc \scannow, this will check for missing files and may well fix the problem. How did you get to Hibernate,did you have 4 buttons or did you press shift to convert Stand By button.

  HCOOH 09:07 14 Jul 2007

Forgot to say you may need to insert XP disc if it asks for it, unless you have an I386 folder on your drive.

  HCOOH 22:45 15 Jul 2007

Advanced Windows Care as promised
click here

  skidzy 22:57 15 Jul 2007

" I can't face using the reset system disc which came with the PC as that would mean reinstalling everything "

It does not have to be that way.Try using system restore to a time before you installed this program.

If you have never used System Restore before,here is a link that will help you click here

  skidzy 22:59 15 Jul 2007

my apologies,it looks like ive misread the thread No hibernation or system restore...am i correct ?

If so try System Restore in safemode.

  Malinfareham 09:21 16 Jul 2007

First of all, thanks everyone who is trying to help me with this problem. I realy appreciate this. Unfortunately I am making no progress.

I tried various things in Safe Mode including a restore without success. I can access the System Restore screen but after pressing Next nothing happens.

The msgina.dll file is present in windows\system32 but I don't know if that is good or bad or what I should do with it.

I downloaded and ran Advanced Windows Care and, like most of these programs, it found hundreds of faults (despite the regular use of similar programs) and "fixed" them but my problems remain. I still can't use Standby or Hibernate or System Restore.

Any further ideas anyone?


  HCOOH 11:28 16 Jul 2007

Have you tried sfc /scannow since you cleaned the system. The msgina.dll should be there so do not worry about it.

  HCOOH 11:32 16 Jul 2007

Just a thought, is there an option to do a repair on your recovery disc rather than do a full reinstall.

  Malinfareham 15:48 16 Jul 2007

Well everyone I managed to get sfc /scannow to run but everything is as was, i.e. no standby/hibernate and no system restore. I tried turning off Norton as the help files with System Restore suggest it might interfere but it didn't make any difference.

My recovery disc only does a "return to as bought" configuration.

  skidzy 16:28 16 Jul 2007

can you explain what happens when you turn off Norton and try system restore please.

Something else to try click here this has a trial version that will repair 10 errors at any one time,though you can rescan and repair..the bought version fixes all errors in one click.
Winaso regopt version.

This looks like this program you where advised to use has possibly corrupted the registry,and to be honest here...im unsure if any manual fix is going to repair the damage as we do not know the registry paths that could be damaged/altered etc.

However,run Winaso as above and then run ccleaner click here under the default settings,also use the ISSUES tab from ccleaner.Save the backup ! this will prompt you.

You will need to reboot the system after these changes are made.

Winaso offers you further opportunities to optimise your system.

After the repair and fix method in Winaso:
Use the Advanced Tools feature ticking all boxes and repair.
Also use the speedup system again ticking all boxes and optimise.

Winaso also has a restore option if any problems are encountered.

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