loss of free disc space

  laddo 16:07 19 Nov 2006

having a system tidy uo,ran scan-disc,prior to scan had 70%free disc space,after use of scandisk,had only 44%free space,have done couple of system restores,no better,but now down to 35%free space.any ideas why?[xp home].works ok just slower,and has to look for things,rather than been there previously.much apreciate ideas.

  crosstrainer 16:15 19 Nov 2006

This could be a sympton of a dying hard disk.. if the drive supports SMART then you may be able to see a message onscreen at bootup try restarting and watch the bios screen carefully for any warnings

  sean-278262 16:21 19 Nov 2006

I am with crosstrainer on this one. I would advise you back up all your data and make sure to keep current copies you make. Has there been any chance to the noise from your PC of late?

  Iron Maiden 19:12 19 Nov 2006

When you ran scandisk did it report any errors. like bad sectors, cross linked clusters, lost clusters. If there are bad sectors you will lose disk space.
If there were cross linked clusters, lost clusters scandisk will have put these into special files called file001.chk & so on. have a look if there are any files with names like this or directories called dir001. if there are any its safe to delete them as there is no way to recover what is in them unless you are used to using a sector editor.
This could also explain why things are slower windows can't find the the files in the place they are meant to be according to the MFT & is haveing to search for them.
Then again it could be none of this & it is a dying hard drive

  mastergamer 21:41 19 Nov 2006

You may have a virus that is eating up your HDD space, download a free anti-virus program like AVG and scan your PC.

  brundle 21:44 19 Nov 2006

Hard disk diagnostics; click here

  laddo 22:43 25 Nov 2006

first of all thanks to all that took trouble to try to help.have sorted[hopefully]as a last resort before buying parts,-did a restore to when it was bought[never done before,but thoughtwhat does it matter],anyway it seems to have sorted,so not totally sure,but it seems to me it may be like iron maiden suggested,that it had hidden clusters of deleted files[i never found them ,but i looked anyway]hope this helps someone in the future.many thanks again,

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