JEFF WALES 21:41 04 Oct 2006

I run a Windows XP based Sony Vaio desktop with a soundMAX Digital Audio card. Recently, every time I close the pc down I lose the driver ie in Control Panel - Sounds & Audio devices no audio card is reported and, of course, I have no sound output. Each time, I then go into device manager, delete the card, re-boot and hey presto the driver is restored as expected under the "Found new hardware" banner. Can anyone help? Why is this happening and what can I do to stop it? I have not loaded any new software recently and there is no spyware that my Spyware Doctor has uncovered.

  Hertz Van Rentyl 22:12 04 Oct 2006

Have you looked in device manager for any conflicts.

Had this problem on a desktop.Cured it by swapping slots on the cards,and reloading updated drivers.Don't know if you can do it on Laptop.Have you tried setting up a restore point once drivers reinstalled?may work.A friend had slow and jerky sound on a sony laptop cured it by reloadinding Drivers then iTunes.A few postings about Sony sound on the postings.

  JEFF WALES 10:00 05 Oct 2006

Thanks for the suggestions guys - I'll try them though thus far I cannot discover any conflict - but that may be my lack of expertise!

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