Losing Sound after installing printer

  Farleyjim 18:32 17 Dec 2006

I don't know if there is any connection but I have just installed an Epson DX4050 and I now have no sound. When I go into control panel and click sounds, I get the message "No audio device". This problem did not occur immediately I installed the printer, but the first thing I noticed was that the speaker icon in the system bar was no longer showing. When trying to recover that I discovered "no sound". Clicking on any individual sound in the Sound & Audio Devices displays "Windows cannot play***. Your sound card may be in use".
Not sure what to do next.
Motherboard is ESS648FX-A. Windows XP Home Pentium 4 3GHz.

  Rtus 18:40 17 Dec 2006

Which O/S you using ? W98 /ME /Xp

  Diodorus Siculus 18:41 17 Dec 2006

Right click my computer



device manager

Are there any yell marks there?

You could reinstall the drivers for the audio component.

  Rtus 18:41 17 Dec 2006

me eyes didnt see that likkle Xp at der bottom ..LOL Sorry

  Farleyjim 20:30 17 Dec 2006

I've tried reinstalling the audio driver and used Windows Update to install a later driver(for AC 97 Audio) and in the Device Manager there are no exclamation marks and I am told that "This device is working properly", but I still get "No audio device" in the sounds and audio devices box. Could ther be a conflict with this new printer. I understand that it is the latest version of Epson's All in ones.

  Rtus 11:04 18 Dec 2006

go into control panel > sound& audio devices (as youve done before)check under the audioo tab for " REALTEK AC 97 " is listed under playback /record .then gop to devices tab & check the Ac97 is listed for your chipset (AC97 audio for via (R) codec)etc

  Farleyjim 17:41 18 Dec 2006

Thanks Rtus. The situation at the moment is as follows: In the Sounds and Audio devices/Audio I have:"Modem #0 Line Playback" and Modem #0 Line record". Under the Volume tab I have "No audio device". The Volume speaker is no longer in the system tray. I did a Norton goback to a time when I was fairly sure that I had sound and, sure enough, the sound came back again and the speaker icon reappeared in the system tray. When I clicked on that, the volume sliders failed to appear so I then went back to Control Panel/sounds and audio devices and when I clicked on that, the speaker icon disappeared from the sytem tray. I still have sounds but no way of controllong the volume. Despite all this, when I try to play individual sounds in Sounds and Audio Devices, I am told that "Windows cannot play Sound. Your sound card may be in use". Sorry to be so wordy but it may help to solve the problem.

  Rtus 18:41 18 Dec 2006

sounds as if somethings corrupting the driver however > can you use the drop down menu (In the Sounds and Audio devices where it says "Modem #0 Line Playback")to select the AC97 card ? another thought is too much running in background Msconfig to deselect what not needed. Use castlecops start-up list>

click here

START > run >type msconfig >enter > CHOOSE SELECTIVE START-UP BUTTON > go to start-up TAB > run down list & compare with Castle cops list deselect by removing tick in box @ far left. that should give more resorces to work with..

  Rtus 18:42 18 Dec 2006

By the way using the search option on that page makes it easier to find your entry to compare with..

  Farleyjim 19:42 18 Dec 2006

Thanks again Rtus. There was nothing in the drop down menu except the Modem #0 Playback, so I decided to try installing the AC97 driver again and for some reason or another, the problem has resolved itself. Thanks for all your help.

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