Losing resource and slow clock?!

  WillHM 00:38 11 Jan 2004

The machine I am running is a PB with 533mhz P3 and 224 MbRAM. I have just replaced the hard drive today (now Maxtor 40Gb) as the last one mashed on me, I think! ...but I am still losing resource at an astonishing rate!

I booted up at 1030pm and it's now 1240am. My system resource has gone from 81% to 57% - WHY? and my system clock is losing time?

I have hardly anything installed - W98SE, Printer Scanner, Norton Internet Security and Tiscali Broadband? Any suggestions?

  LastChip 00:44 11 Jan 2004

For starters, change the motherboard battery.

That is very likely the cause of your machine loosing time, and it may also affect the BIOS settings, that can in turn have strange consequences on the rest of the machine.

  WillHM 00:47 11 Jan 2004

I have already done that. The clock resets to the correct time when I boot up each time, but can lose 10 mins if I leave on for over 7 hours.

  hugh-265156 00:54 11 Jan 2004

really no idea why the bios time is correct and the windows clock is losing time if you have replaced the battery.maybe faulty mobo.

as for the resourses try running a virus scan with an up to date AV or do an online check click here also check for spyware with adaware and spybot click here click here

  LastChip 20:06 11 Jan 2004

On considering your problem further today, it occurred to me that faulty memory may cause these sort of symptoms.

For one of the best memory checkers I have come across, click here and try it to see if you have any problems in that direction.

If you have, and have more than one stick, take out one at a time and try the test again. (remembering anti-static precautions).

It's also worth making sure the sticks haven't worked loose. Not a common occurrence, but it does happen from time to time. You could also try getting a clean pencil rubber, and gently clean the contacts on each stick. If you have any form of electronics cleaner, cleaning the slots is always worthwhile as well.

  DieSse 20:19 11 Jan 2004

The battery only runs the clock when the system is powered down. When the OS is loaded, the clock is maintained by the OS.

So the cause of both your problems is probably a software issue.

As a first step delete the contents of the Temp folder in Widows, and the Tempoaray Internet files. Run an anti Spyware program 8Adaaware and/or Spybot). Run a Reistry cleaner.

Iolo System Mechanic - free 30 day trial click here - will help with some of this.

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