losing lots of memory somewhere

  pookie 21:56 06 Oct 2005


windows xp home, 1.5gb ddr, 3ghz (2.17) barton, x800pro, a7n8x-x mobo.

i had 1 gb ddr and on idle it had about 750 free. i upped memory to 1.5 gb but now on idle it sits at 1.1gb free ie 400mb approx are being eaten up. the 512 upgrade was a match with my current memory in make and type. i use spyware blaster, ad aware and spybot, cclearer and regseeker (all up to date) with avg and zonealarm. nothing nasty is eating resources.

under msconfig is ticked:
soundman (audio)
zlclient (zonealarm)
dslmon (broadband)

i believe that dit and adiras are broadband related. any ideas were i'm losing so much memory?



  woodchip 22:19 06 Oct 2005

The more you put in the more Windows uses it alway's been like that. Windows is a bad memory manager. you should try Chacheman or some such. Second one from top click here

  DieSse 22:34 06 Oct 2005

WindowsXP actually has a good memory manager. In it's total memory space, split between real (RAM) and virtual (Pagefile) memory, it has algorithms that attempt to make best allocations between the two. As you put in more real (RAM) memory, it will always try to use more of it (because it's faster), within the parameters of efficient use of the two memory spaces.

So to answer your question, it's Windows that's using more of your memory, as it's designed to do.

  pookie 13:08 07 Oct 2005

many thanks guys and sorry i didn't reply sooner


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