Losing internet but wireless ok

  Martin-303092 00:37 26 May 2007

Hi all.

Just want pointing in the right direction. I've had my wireless network running for about 2 yrs now with little trouble but my router has started to drop the ADSL connection pretty regularly (every 10 mins) but only for maybe 20-30 seconds.

I've checked everything out that I'm aware of and all seems ok. It's a Netgear DG834GT and when it happens the ADSL connection light goes out. Is this a problem with the router or my ISP (talktalk)?



  setecio 08:28 26 May 2007

It could be either or could also be the house telephone wiring or microfilters.

There should be a master BT socket where the main BT line comes into the house, and it should have some screws to enable removing half of the face plate. If you remove the face plate you will reveal the test socket. Plug a microfilter directly into this and then the router into it and see if it still happens. If it does then try another microfilter just to rule out the microfilter.

This test will identify the problem as the house wiring if it doesn't happen anymore, or a broken microfilter if it does and then doesn't when you change the microfilter.

If it still happens, then take the router to another working adsl house and test it there. If it ill happens then it is the router, if it doesn't happen then it is the ISP.

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