Losing Images

  Gnomic Lance 23:28 22 Jun 2006

I keep on losing images in batches on my digital camera. The memory card has been diagnosed and showed no faults.

Has anybody else had this problem?

Minolta Dimage Z3

  brundle 23:38 22 Jun 2006

`in batches` - what exactly do you mean? by date? by title? everything at once?

  Gnomic Lance 23:44 22 Jun 2006

I just discover that photographs taken are missing when I download later. The missing ones occur in batches taken around the same time.

If I take five pictures of the same subject, all the images will disappear, but ones taken before and after are OK.

Memory card was the forst though. Battery or processor malfunction are now in the frame.

I ran Easy Recovery which could not find anything wrong with the memory card. This may not have picked up the fault though.

  skidzy 23:45 22 Jun 2006

Sounds like the Card has been corrupted !

Has the card been formatted over and over again ?

This may help recover some Images if they exist on the card. click here

Hope this helps

  Gnomic Lance 00:33 23 Jun 2006

I have not formatted the card at all.

These free programs tend to require you pay for the repair. It may cheaper to get a new memory card ?

  hssutton 09:35 23 Jun 2006

Are you saying you have a series of blank files then a series with images on, all numbered consecutively?

What do you mean by "The memory card as been diagnosed" and how did you "diagnose" it?

Did you actually view these missing images on the camera's LCD screen?

As for formatting, well maybe you should. I download images on almost a daily basis and always reformat before use. Have done since going digital over six years ago. Never had a currupt card in all this time.

Two freeware recoverey programs for you to try.

click here
click here

  hssutton 09:39 23 Jun 2006

Forgot to add.

You don't say what type of camera, is it possible you actually took these "missing images" in Raw Format which requires special software to view and process?

Sorry only questions and no answers at this stage.

  Gnomic Lance 09:44 23 Jun 2006

Diagnosed through Easy Recovery program. Not sure if this is any good?

Not blank images. Missing images. I appreciate the difference. If a file transfer goes awry, there is usually a bland (unrecoverable) file with a file number.

In this case there is no file at all. It is though a sequences of photographs was never taken in the first place. The batteries or the processor in the camera may have had a temporary failure?

Viewing the missing images in the camera screen after capture. This is the tricky one. I am pretty sure I did see the image as I kept the button pressed down, but not 100% on this. Over 90% though as they were important and difficult pictures I lost and it is not the first time it has happened.

Digital cmaeras seem to quickly pick up faults just after the guarantee rus out.

  Gnomic Lance 09:51 23 Jun 2006

Camera is a Minolta Dimage Z3.

Mine often stops for no reason. I have to turn it on and off to get it to work. Processor seems to be on a go-slow. The camera is not recommended. I was disappointed with it, but my finances did not allow a different model.

I am not sure what camera is the best for general use, pocket use or whatever. They all seem to have their shortcomings!

The Z3 has not got spot focus. This is terrible in a camera costing over £300. (probably cheaper now)

Files are JPeGs. Files downloaded every day without formatting the memory card. Downloaded via a lead. Occasionally, files are not deleted from the memory card, but this is not the reason.

  hssutton 10:47 23 Jun 2006

I know a few people who use the Z3, most of them are happy with the camera, however two of them have had major problems and have finished up "Ditching" them.

It does look as though you may have a faulty camera, as you where taking a sequence of photos it sounds as though the "buffer" "internal memory" could be at fault, also having to switch the camera off & on, suggests a camera fault, but this may be down to battery or battery connections.

Unfortunately digital camera are not as robust as their film cousins.

As for Spot Focussing even my high end Canon DSLRs do not have it, although the latest offering from Canon the mid range D30 one does.

Unfortunately none of this is of much help to you.

I would try taking a few shots and allowing each one to write to the card before taking the next, then take a quick sequence of shots so that you fill the buffer, then see if that as any effect.

I doubt that the card would be at fault, but it is possible to get different write speeds, so ambe a faster card may alleviate the problem

  Gnomic Lance 19:03 23 Jun 2006

Went for a test run today.

Possibility of a shutter button fault occurred to me as I lost the first shot. The shutter response is not very good on the Dimage Z3.

With fresh batteries, I had no problems. The AA metal hydrides run out ever so quickly and this may have caused the problem (s).

Spot focusing is an essential requirement of an expensive camera as manual focusing on the small cameras is nigh impossible in practical circumstances. On a SLR with barrel focusing and a clear viewfinder is is not so essential.

The Dimage Z3 is rather poor in poor light with a depth of field that could be improved. Penalty of a wide-ranging lens.

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