losing icons

  birddog 15:32 02 Dec 2008

I have vista home basic on my laptop and when I personalise icons the icon I have substituted disappears and the original 'internet e' ccomes back. It doesn't do it on my desktop which runs xp.Any ideas?

  chub_tor 16:46 02 Dec 2008

Where are these icons you refer to? Are they for folders on your desktop or on web pages or other folders?

  chub_tor 19:29 03 Dec 2008

You sent me this message by email "they are icons of my own craation for -google,yahoo.etc cheers, birddog"

It is more helpful to forum members if you post your responses on the forum - that way everyone gets to see them and you stand more chance of getting your problem solved.

I understand that you have created these icons but where are they used? Are they on your desktop, in a folder somewhere or are they for marking webpages?

  chub_tor 21:26 04 Dec 2008

birddog you sent me 3 emails all with the same message "they are on my desktop cheers".

Using emails to answer questions on your post is not a very efficient way of getting your question answered. It is much better for you and for forum members if you post your reply in the box at the bottom of your topic where it says "Add a new response" If you do that then everyone on the forum sees it and can help you. If you use the little yellow envelope to email me then you are dependent on me opening my email and then being available to follow up. If you post your message it is instantly seen and you have hundreds of forum members ready to answer you.

OK let me restate your problem as I see it....

You have created personalised icons on your desktop for Google and Yahoo. Each time that you change them to your creation instead of seeing the icon you want you get instead the standard 'Internet e'

I have done a Google Search for this problem and below is the result. It looks as if the icons you are creating need to be made smaller. Try it and let the forum know if it works.

"Re: Desktop Shortcut Icons Change
If your desktop icons are set too large the shortcut icons will revert to
the windows default. In Vista, click on any open area of the desktop then
hold the Control key and using the mouse scroll button (hope you have one),
scroll down and the icons all should get smaller. You will find a certain
point where all the shortcut icons revert to windows default as they get
larger and return to their designated icon as they get smaller. This solved
my icon prob. Hope it helps.

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