Losing emails with Freeserve

  ened 17:53 16 Jan 2005

Has anybody else noticed mail going astray. A couple of people have told me they didn't receive stuff I have sent (and is in my Sent Items folder). So I sent myself some tests.
Result: I only received one out of three .

  wee eddie 18:00 16 Jan 2005

how long have you waited.

the spooks may need to read them

  ened 18:28 16 Jan 2005

That did occur to me!!!

Over an hour now and still only one, one of them was blank so they must be wondering what sort of hidden message is in it!!!!

  wee eddie 18:32 16 Jan 2005

maybe they have fallen foul of that

  ened 18:47 16 Jan 2005

I am only a country yokel living on the north coast of Cornwall so I can't see what interest anybody would have in my traffic.
Has anybody noticed this happening to them?

  wee eddie 19:22 16 Jan 2005


e-mails can take over 24 hours, or more, to deliver. Although most of them are, more or less, instantaneous.

Before you ask. It's a mystery to me as well!

  maddos 20:38 16 Jan 2005

ened. have you tried freeserve on line help, or should I say (Wannadoo). I have found them very helpful in the past.

  Belatucadrus 20:55 16 Jan 2005

I once e-mailed myself a file from work, so I could finish working on it at home, it finally turned up 36 hours later, not very useful. The wonders of new technology.

" a country yokel living on the north coast of Cornwall"
HM government is aware of this dangerous group of counter revolutionary heretics, known for not believing Tony Blair is the new Messiah. May even be a member of Mebyon Kernow or worse still part of The countryside alliance. Your place is reserved in Guantanamo bay. Have you tried phoning GCHQ to see if they've finished reading your mail yet ? ;-)

  ened 06:34 17 Jan 2005

Who is this 'Tony Blair?

There was something wrong with Freeserve last night because I sent myself a 3.3gig pic once. It wouldn't allow me to connect to download it and when I went to the webmail page to try to delete it it had arrived three times. So I had 10gb sitting on their server but when I tried to delete them I got a message saying their server was down.
Sorry to bore everybody but as Freeserve will never admit to having problems I wanted to know if it was only me.

  Zaphod 3 07:15 17 Jan 2005

Yours must be first in line to be read at GCHQ Morwenstow.

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