lop.cb trojan found by avg

  patso 19:16 29 May 2007

i have found this trojan horse Lop.cb.with AVG, the files are in the virus vault,is it safe to delete them from ther,my son told me mt daughter downloaded a file on msm messenger,knowing the boy she was on line with had a virus in his pc,i think it was a pic,i am only in now and he has told me this,here is the file names-vtuvspq.dll iifebxv.dll-ssqrrqr.dll-vturrop.dll- all in the C/windows system32 folder,i am doing another scan which found one file and asked me if i wanted to heal the file which i done,the q is can i delete these files from quarentine or how do i get rid of them.any ideas please, thanks

  skidzy 19:24 29 May 2007

You should be able to delete them from quarrantine with no problem.

Though do check in add and remove programs for Messenger plus !

If this exists,remove this as this comes with a sponsor reknown for spyware/malware containing various variants of LOP.

Then boot into safe mode (Tapping f8 on startup) and run AVG again.

Also look here for further advice Patso click here

  patso 22:19 29 May 2007

thanks skidzy i have all these spyware programs i ran avg again and it said the virus is still in the system volume information. it said it healed the virus but how do i sort this out and get msn working again?

  VoG II 22:23 29 May 2007

If it is in a restore point then you cannot (easily) get to it but then neither can it unless you restore to that point.

  p;3 23:00 29 May 2007

this thread kind of confirms what I am frequently harking on about of NOT MSN'ing with a computer you know TO be infected NOR even e mailing ; you are just ASKING for trouble and will get it

have you run in particular the superantispyware anf the asquared programs ? on full deep scans?

  patso 00:41 30 May 2007

ok thanks again,i am going to run both now,the problem is each time i run avg the trojan seems to multiply in the virus vault i will give an example of the names of the files-AO282617.dll-AO284628.dll these two have just been added in the system volume information folder-opnnlig.dll-fccyust.dll-these two added to the c windows 32 folder, my two kids use this prog all the time so is there any way of restoring this prog back to working order as i presume i cant use system restore?thanks again

  birdface 08:52 30 May 2007

I used to have the exact same problem as yourself,But I was using Norton at the time,And because it was in the volume,And it could not get rid of it,Like Skidzy said if you go to add remove and see if you have Messenger Plus on there,I would delete it,Its the biggest cause of Lop.Com .Now you have to watch how you delete it,I think that there is a removal tool,I tried removing it from add remove and ended up with a corrupt file.I eventually got a removal tool For Lop.Com and managed to get rid of it ,But got rid of Norton First.Might be better to delete MSN as well then run C Cleaner then reinstall MSN and do not let your Daughter download Messenger plus again.There is a safe way to download messenger plus ,But not 100% effective.

  patso 13:17 30 May 2007

ok thanks.i am not sure it is gone yet.i am going to run avg in safe mode ,also then a sq and after that super anti spy and see what happens,i removed msn and reinstalled it and tried it last night and it seemed to be workink ok when loggign in with no virus warning messages popping up after another avg scan ,there is several lop virus files in the virus vault should i delete these,when i tried one it said system file are you sure you want to delete as system might not work properly,and should i turn off sys res adn turn it back on again to delete the virus in it?thanks again

  birdface 17:23 30 May 2007

I would have rebooted computer then ran your A Squared + Avg And if it does not find anything,it is doing no harm in the virus vault,It should be safe enough to delete them,But is it worth the risk.

  p;3 17:29 30 May 2007

if something keeps 'multiplying ' as you put it, what you might also wish to consider is to get a log checked out to see what exactly IS going on there;

you may wish to go to and register with

click here

and ask them to check you out ; how are all the scans getting on?

  birdface 17:48 30 May 2007

If you have any more problems I would go with p;3 and post to his click here,While you are at it check in your favorites as Lop has a habit of putting unwanted programs in there,

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