Loosing "My Network Places"

  Minkey1 20:05 11 Oct 2006

Hi all

I work from home, using a desktop and a laptop. The wive has a laptop and our daughter her own laptop. All run XP and access the internet fine (wired and wirelessly via a Netgear cable router WPNT834), and print to the printer on the desktop.

I use 4 external drives, 1 of which runs off the router. The other 3 connect to the desktop via a USB hub.

All PC's are in the MSHOME workgroup. Mainly for work, I've set various folders (on the PC's and external drives) to share so I can move files around.

Recently I've noticed that the locations are disappearing, and each machine is "loosing" access to MSHOME.

I'm wondering if there's a limit on how many network places/shared folders I can set in a home network, or if anyone's any ideas as to why this is happening ?

Would it be worth unsetting the shares and re-setting them one by one ?

As ever, any suggestions would be gratefully received. The files are mainly audio so grouped are too big for a pen drive, and copying to CD is just a b*** ache.



  Minkey1 20:07 11 Oct 2006

wive = wife. Fortunately she's not a forum member, but would join Marks & Spencer's if they ever set one up.

  ArrGee 21:44 11 Oct 2006

1. You don't need to put asterisks for 'back ache'. It is quite an acceptable term here!

2. Check the connectivity of all the machines on the network. If they are dropping out regularly, then they will dissappear from 'My Networks', and you will have to wait until they re-connect.

3. "Would it be worth unsetting the shares and re-setting them one by one ?" Yes, possibly, and choose a different network name from MSHOME

4. Before going ahead with my third suggestion, wire-up all the PCs to the hub and re-configure before chucking the wires to one side.

5. I have just understood what b*** actually represents.

  Minkey1 22:00 11 Oct 2006

Thanks ArrGee.

Re your 2., is it feasible that all machines are seen by the network, in the sense of internet and printing, yet not seen for the purpose of file sharing ?

The desktop is ethernet connected, and the laptop I use is both ethernet and wirelessly connected. I have been able to move/copy files between them but can't now ?

  ArrGee 09:50 12 Oct 2006

Check to make sure that the 'sharing' settings on the folders you require for sharing are correct.

Also, look at your firewall settings and make sure that 'file and printer sharing' is made an exception.

  Minkey1 22:35 12 Oct 2006

Thanks ArrGee. Printer sharing works fine, as does internet access. I'll double check the general setting for enable, then unset the folder shares, change the workgroup, and re-share the folders one by one and try access across machines.

Been called in to the main office so will try on Sat and post back.

Just a puzzle why this has started when it all worked fine and I haven't changed anything.

Oh, I did change NIS 2005 to 2006 on my lappy (PCW had a special on) but it picked up the network straightaway - maybe just a coincidence. I have Kerio and Avast on my desktop but unlike many here I don't totally dislike Norton.



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